Douglas Henney (29 July 2018)
"Thoughts regarding the recent blood moon"

I was contemplating the blood moon/Mars/Capricorn event last night and I think I might have received a revelation that points to us going home possibly Monday-ish.

I do not know the following with 100% certainty.  I assume that folks will look to our only True Teacher, the Holy Spirit.

It seemed that God brought my attention to Jonah, including what Jesus said about Jonah in Matthew 12 and Luke 11.

Jesus said "no sign" would be given the wicked generation at His time (and also now to this last days' wicked generation?) except the sign of Jonah, the prophet.  Jesus pointed to the dude as being "the sign", not to only one thing Jonah did/experienced.  The sign of Jonah, the person, actually has a couple of aspects to it.

I believe that the longest blood moon and a very noticeable Mars, and especially the fact that they were both located in Capricorn is the one very significant sign, or pointer, to Jonah himself that Jesus may have been referring to for this final generation.  I will try to explain this.

The current mythos-picture of Capricorn is of a horned goat with a "fish tail".  I understand that, presently, what understanding we have today of Capricorn is, at some level, a distortion of what the folks from Adam through to Moses knew of God's original meaning for that constellation.  I am trying to think in terms of what might have been Capricorn's original message.

The essence of this sign, and the story behind the present mythos, is of a being coming out of the seas and then walking on land, delivering wisdom and words of truth to people.  Think here of Jonah coming out of the seas from being in a large fish (indicated by Capricorn's fish tail), then walking on land to Nineveh to present words of truth/judgement to a population.  In other words, Capricorn includes a message/picture of exactly what Jonah did.  This is why the longest blood moon and a very noticeable Mars were in this sign Friday night.  It is pointing the entire population of the earth to Jonah's message, and ultimately to judgement in 40 days.

I understand that there are plenty of other signs nowadays, for those with eyes to see, like what has happened with Israel over the past decades.  However, Jesus seemed to indicate that this present wicked generation, because of their blindness, would be given one definite sign that they will be accountable for:

Jesus said it is the sign of the prophet Jonah.  I am thinking we may have just gotten it.  Recall that the sun, moon and stars are for "signs" that convey a message to all people throughout the earth.  In Romans 10:18, Paul implies that people, at some level, are accountable to know their message.

In Matthew 12, Jesus is focusing on the aspect of Jonah being in the fish's belly 3 days and 3 nights, pointing to His death, burial and resurrection.  I believe He was thinking in terms of this aspect of Jonah for the wicked generation back then.

In Luke 11, Jesus is emphasizing Jonah as a sign to the people of Ninevah. This is a different aspect.  I am thinking it is this aspect of Jonah that the world just got this past Friday.

In the book of Jonah, three "day counts" are mentioned as the prophet approaches the city.  One, the metropolis of Ninevah is a circumference of a "three days" walk, yet Jonah does his proclamation for a "one day" journey into the main city of Ninevah.

I am thinking Jonah proclaimed judgement for only one day.  Why?  Because his message was only that 'in 40 days Ninevah was going to be destroyed'.  His message was not, "40 days", and then "Now it is 39 days", and then "Now it is 38 days", etc.  After his one day proclamation, the message spread.

I observe that the people started to fast and put on sackcloth even before word reached the king.  Metro-Ninevah was huge, being described as "exceedingly great" in the NASB.  God included the detail of "three days walk".  It would take time for Jonah's message to spread, be considered and be responded to by the entire population.  Think in terms of the city you live in.  If you started at the border of your city proclaiming judgement, how quickly would your message spread to the entire population during a time when there wasn't cell phones and the internet?  It would take time, even with you doing it for a full day.

So, thinking in terms of Jonah himself being the sign for the wicked generation of these last days, I have the count details, as "clues", of "one day", for the message to be conveyed, "three days" (including the "one day") possibly pointing to the spreading of the message and for it to be considered and acted upon, and "40 days" from Jonah's "one day" proclamation until judgement and destruction.

How does this relate to the blood moon/mars/Capricorn event?

The day of the full moon (viewed as ecclipsed by many) with Mars in Capricorn is the "one day" of proclamation.  Including "day one", the "three days" for the message to be considered and acted upon ends on Monday.  I am thinking we might go home on Monday.  The 40 days ends on Elul 25 on the popular Jewish calendar. 

I have read that some jews are aware of a 40 day count from Tu B' Av to Elul 25.  To them, this 40 day window marks Elul 25 as the "day" God began the seven days of creation.  Might the Jubilee Year, though it is proclaimed on the 10th of Tishri, formally end on Elul 25?  being the ending of Jonah's 40 day warning period?

Why do I think we might go home on Monday, three days from the celestial "Capricorn" Jonah sign?   There are a number of reasons.

1.  The moon will be in Aquarius.  I believe Paul, as he describes his departure being nigh in II Timothy 4:6-8, gives clues that point to Aquarius (a man pouring a drink offering out on the ground) and its associated constellations of Pegasus (a winged/flying horse like on which Elijah "departed") and Cygnus (whose stars' names include meanings of "judge", "he who goes and returns", and "bringing reward").  To me, the moon being in Aquarius is a timing marker for us "departing" as well.

2.  Monday ends a 17 day messaging from God in His constellations because of the fact that the visible planets are on the same side of the solar system (all of these happening in a short period of time is very significant):

A.  On July 15, the moon was right between Venus and Mercury between the feet of Leo.  Venus stays between the feet of Leo until within the first week of August, at which time it starts to depart.  Think here in terms of the Genesis 49:10 prophecy about when Shiloh (Jesus) comes.  On about July 25th, Mercury lined up with Regulus in Leo.  July 15th was also the date of the correctly counted Pentecost on the Sanhedren's calendar where they start a month with a sighted new moon.

B.  On about July 21, the moon lined up with Jupiter in the scales of Libra, as Jupiter is doing its final retrograde turn above the star whose name means "the price is deficient".  Think here of what Daniel told the King of Babylon on the night just before the Medes/Persian empire took over, that "he was weighed on the scales and found wanting".  Might God be evaluating the world-system of Babylon, and in particular the US, at this time as well, and with Him about to proclaim the same just before judgement, that we have been weighed in the scales and found wanting?

C.  On about July 24, the moon lined up with Saturn in Sagittarius (the archer with a "cocked and loaded" bow aimed at Scorpio), and specifically while Saturn is located just above the archer's bow stars.  I believe the essence of this constellation is to proclaim the message that Jesus has the evil one "in His sights" and the evil one will be "taken out".  This constellation may be where Nibiru/Planet 7x first is seen as Gil Broussard, the Christian astronomer, speculates.  This brown dwarf star system would be Jesus' "arrow" to take down the evil one, in my thinking.

D.  On July 27th, the moon is fully ecclipse for the longest period of time this century.  The focus is Israel.  The ecclipse lasted 6 hours, 13 minutes, pointing to the 613 commands of the Torah which God gave to Israel/Judah, and which they have failed to fulfill the spirit of because they have rejected their Messiah.  A very noticeable Mars is nearby pointing to coming war.  Both of these are in Capricorn, a constellation that points, at least on one level, to Jonah's sign to Ninevah.  Assyria was the empire back then during Jonah's days, and "Babylon" is in power today.

E.  On July 29th and 30th, the moon is finally in Aquarius, pointing to us going home, thus ending the 17 day constellation-sign message from God that possibly brings the church age to a close.

F.  Diane Olivieri received a message that on a Monday the "wheel of time would end" (she presents this in one of her recent Youtube Videos).  I am thinking that may be Monday, July 30th, and is referencing God's constellation story-clock-calendar that is mainly for the body of Christ.  Once we are gone, the two witnesses will point the initial 144,000 Jewish witnesses to the accurate Biblical calendar with its types/shadows.  That is not to say God will still not be providing signs in the sun, moon and stars.  However, I am thinking the witnesses' primary focus will be on the calendar God gave Israel.

3.  This Monday is the 3rd day of the month on the Spica-Abib calendar.  Think in terms of John 2, when Jesus and His followers attended a wedding on the 3rd day.  Now, the 3rd day may be referring to the day of the week, or it could be referring to the day of a month.  The fact that it is not clear is significant.

4.   This Monday is the 10th of Av on the Zadok-Enoch-Solar calendar that Nick has studied.  Per Jeremiah 52:12, this was the date the Babylonians finally burned/destroyed the first temple.  As an "echo-sign" pointing to this date, on the 10th of Av on the popular Jewish calendar this past week, a large stone fell out of the "wailing wall" in Jerusalem.  I believe that falling stone was a sign to Israel.

5.  It was high watch for us to go home on Tu B' Av.  Going home instead on Monday would be a three day delay.  I find what possibly appears to be a three day delay in Daniel 10.  He mourns for 21 days in the first month, and then ends it,  seemingly not having received an answer.  I speculate he started in the 1st day of Nisan and ended it on what would have been the last day of the Feast of Unleavened Bread had Daniel been back in Israel.  Understand that Daniel is an old man and longs to go back home, but he is still in Babylon (can you relate?).  It is on the 24th that, I believe, Jesus shows up.  He tells Daniel that He was sent on day one of his fasting/mourning.  Why didn't Jesus show up on the 21st day instead?  He was only opposed in spiritual warfare for 21 days.  Why the three day discrepancy?  I am thinking that this points to a time-difference from what happens in heavenly places to when it manefests on earth. There is something to this that I do not fully understand, but I see the same thing in particular constellations which are associated with the 12 main ones.  Some are actually located in a prior constellation.  For example, though Cygnus is associated with Aquarius, Cygnus itself is located in the prior constellation 30 wedge of Capricorn.  What this results in is the moon lining up with Cygnus (pointing to us going home) 2 to 3 days before the moon ends up in Aquarius (also  pointing us to going home).  In other words there is a three day delay.  My point?  There may be a three day time difference from when the Father sends Jesus to get us (Tu B' Av?) to when Jesus actually manefests in our earthly "timeflow" (possibly arriving for us on Monday?).

These are my thoughts.  As I have expressed in prior posts, I believe there will likely be some time of transition (40 days?) from us going home to when the judgement years formally start.  I speculate that it will be during this transition window that Jesus pops the 7 seals in order to finally open the scroll delineating the trumpet and bowl judgements.  This is why I am very watchful now.


Douglas Henney