Doug L (29 July 2018)
"Dlave - regarding Herbert Schlossberg and Arnold Toynbee"

First an apology - you are correct that my posted statement by Herbert Schlossberg was not an exact quote. I did leave out the beginning word - When -  and started with the next word Once and I also used bestows in place of lavishes. Bestow I believe more accurately  describes what I interpreted as Schlossberg's  intended meaning in the statement, however both words apply and describe one who heaps on generous quantities of theological distinctions.  I would disagree however as to the meaning of the entire statement, having read through his many discourses on the subject of Idols - substitutes for God.
My take....  I do believe that a large number of leadership within the churches, like the Pharisees,  use their titles and positions and knowlege of scripture as a means of great gain and lordship over the people. Completely ignoring that Jesus came as a humble servant and not to be served. Many have chosen knowledge and accolades in their pursuit of position and esteem over denying themselves, picking up their crosses and humbly following their Lord. As a result - they don't know Him, His ways or the power of His Holy Spirit.   They love to be called Rabbi, Teacher  (Pastor)  and be seen in the market place, pulpit, conferences and the like . Jesus aptly describes them as blind guides and hypocrites in Matthew 23.  Anything or anyone which is a substitute for God - is an idol or a false god/deity. I would not claim to know exactly what Herbert Sclossberg's true or intentional meaning was (I did not know him) but this is how I interpreted what he was saying. The book itself can be very wordy, over-stated and over complicated for my liking but,  it has it's moments.
Also you are correct - the words in parenthesis were added by me. I assumed that was understood but since it was not -  I should have made a notation.
Next, I am not sure why you are upset with my quote from Schlossberg's book on Idols for Destruction,  page 40 where he says; "Toynbee concluded that self-worship was the paramount religion of mankind, although it's guises are numerous and diverse."....  His note at the bottom of the page references - Arnold Toynbee.    Was it not Toynbee's  conclusion ?
I do appreciate your comments and corrections .
 Thank you, Doug L