1 Cor 10:31 (29 July 2018)
"so much evil & just everywhere"

So there we were…  while business traveling, made a pit stop in “Podunk” small town in the middle of the country, public park – letting dog walk, rest & have a tinkle break – putting him back in the car ….. while, out of nowhere, a little boy, “7-ish” comes up wanting to pet our dog….  I let him but then also quickly excused ourselves as we were wanting to get going.  I looked up to see who he was with & looked face to face with PURE EVIL….. I figured, most likely his older brother, in my spirit, I felt he must be muslim – not only the color of skin – but simply by behavior – no smile whatsoever, not even the slightest hint of a smile….. just fierce almost empty eyes, likely demon-possessed PURE EVIL.

I’ve interacted w/pure evil before.  I did offer a quick “hi” to soften the situation – but also my eyes darted around to make sure DH was close by!!   Fortunately the older 20’ish brother headed to the walking trail with his tiny dog in tow.  And the little boy played a while.

I left, silently praying that the little boy does not take on the spirit of the older brother!!

And, I thought it was weird, especially small church-going town like that {at least they’ve got that reputation} – that the little boy had “numbers” etched in his almost-shaved haircut.

“Meaning” anyone?     {though I can only fathom!!.... figuring certainly it’s nothing good….}  Sad for this little boy!!