1 Cor 10:31 (29 July 2018)
"my prayer request"

Sometimes we wiggle & squirm & kick clods of dirt, & pray on our own…. But then sometimes forget to share the burden & ask others who might be willing to pray to please pray along with us!  Such is my case anyway.

2 years ago my husband was diagnosed w/diabetes (I tend to think he’d had it long before he was actually diagnosed.)  He quit all refined sugar & white flour immediately, started walking more and lost a good 30 lbs.  YAY for him!  B/c he’s on the road a lot, he eats out every day of his life & well, “you know:  RESTAURANT FOOD” is certainly NOT healthy!  Unfortunately he still eats lots of foods that cause inflammation.

But also – he has pain in the “right” (not left) side of his chest.   Still could be heart..??   He’s had it a long, long while (and isn’t dead yet…)  but he’s so business-oriented, that he forever puts business ahead of his health.   Please pray that the Lord will direct him to the physician who is “right” for him?!  Or even to be healed without a doctor!  (He prefers “natural” if at all possible, though he’s like me in that we admit sometimes medication is necessary; still though, b/c of all the horrendous side effects of medication, we prefer to stay away from it whenever possible.)

If it is God’s will, I’d sure like my husband to be fit & healthy for as long as we’re still “here”!

THANK YOU SOOO VERY MUCH for the prayers!!