Neil Lipken (30 July 2017)
"Pastor reveals plot within Congress to take President Trump out! ------EXCELLENT VIDEO"

PLEASE IF POSSIBLE WATCH AT LEAST A FEW MINUTES OF THIS!   The New World Order desperately wants President Trump gone at virtually any cost!   The last President to really go after the New World Order was President Kennedy, and you saw what happened to him.   President Reagan was also against the New World Order, but he was forced to take a globalist Vice-President (George H.W. Bush), and he was forced to take a cabinet full of globalists.   But he too took a bullet, but survived.


P.S.   This pastor is outstanding!   Quite a bit different than many "mammy-pamby" pastors who are in people-pleasing lukewarm fluff churches today!

P.P.S.   In the 1930's many pastors in Germany did not have the guts to take a public stand against Hitler, and totalitarianism engulfed Germany.   The globalist agenda today is very evil, and orchestrated at the lowest level by satan himself.   When the globalist agenda comes to completion, the antichrist will be in power for 7 years during the soon upcoming Tribulation Period.   But here is some very good news-------the Rapture is going to happen first!