Gerry Almond (30 July 2017)
"Has the time come at last?"

July 28, 2017


A brief description of Noah's world needs to be understood. In Noah's world the poles were only very slightly off center. The earth was encased in a blanket of vapor that diffused the rays of the sun equally arount the planet. The mean temperature was 70 degrees worldwide. No rain fell upon the earth due to the blanket of vapor, and there were no clouds. Man had never seen a rainbow. The earth was not on fire in the center and there were vast underground oceans and cisterns of water. Plant life flourished abundantly because of the mist that came up each night and watered the flora. Animal life was pleasant and abundant as well. There must have been large lakes and flowing streams too. The hightest hill on earth was 20 cubits according to man's measure. That is 30 feet. The earth circled the sun in a perfect 360 degree orbit. There were exactly 30 days for each month and the ideal conditions allowed humans to live very long life spans. The moon appeared exactly as it should without variance. There was virtually no disease nor hostile insects in this near perfect world. While there was a curse on it because of the sin of Eve and Adam, the effects were not as severe on the planet as today. Compared to then, the earth today is a mere shadow of its former self. Men toiled the ground, just as God commanded, but the toil yielded great results.

Such was the earth and world when God told Noah, “My Spirit will not always strive with man”. God then gave Noah 120 years (43,200 days) in which he was to build an ark for the survival of only 8 people in all, which would seed the “new world”. The sins of man had become so great because of cohabitation with fallen angels and subsequent corruption of the human DNA, that God, in his wrath, decreed that they should all be wiped out and destroyed. (The mark of the beast intends to replicate this once again).

Exactly 7 days before the first raindrops fell, God instructed Noah to load his family, the animals and himself into the ark. The door was to be left open for any who wished to join him there. There were no takers. Noah entered the ark as the flooding rains were at his ankles. God shut the door, and condemned the world to death by drowning. Only creatures of the sea lived. We have some of these with us today.

For 365 days, Noah remained with his family and the animals in the ark. This is the same length of the new year caused by the elongation of earth's orbit to the extent that it added 5.24219 days to the time of orbit around the sun. This has become known as the “solar year”. The Holy Spirit was careful to enumerate the division of days within the ark.

After the flood, due to the exposure to the radiation of the sun, man's life span dramatically and quickly shortened. Notice that Noah lived to be 850 years of age, but Abraham lived to be only 175 years of age. Moses lived only 120 years, but he would have lived longer if he had not disobeyed God. King David, however lived to only 80 years of age. And God defined, finally the age of man in this new world to be 70 years on average.

Every race of man on earth today harks back to one of three lines. These are Hamite, Shemite, and Japhethite. God's chose nation, Israel, is of course, Semetic, or Shemitic. The Gentile nations are both Hamitic and Japhethic. There are no others.

Noah's son, Shem was still living when Abraham was born. The estimated time between the flood and Abraham was 425 plus years, thus Shem was about 550 years old at the time. The source of this is the table of nations, so carefully preserved in the Scriptures.

The same star system that destroyed Noah's world has come again. It is out there for all to see as I write this. It is called Nemesis and is a dark star system, that's a star too cold to fire up. It is a binary twin to our sun that comes around about every 3,600 years or so. This time it is going to destroy our world and cause all the horrors found in the Bible's Book of the Revelation of Jesus Christ. The only safe place is in the ark. That ark is Jesus Christ the Lord of Glory. Repent, all and be saved, ye ends of the earth. Time is up. Jesus is coming for His own. The destroying system is coming for its own. Choose life, be saved. Reject life, and be damned. The end of another world system is at hand. First Noah's. Now ours.

It seems that the same line that existed in Noah's day is here again today. Perhaps.

Jul Aug Sep Dec Mar Apr May Jun Aug

25/26--7--2/3--40--11/22--110--30/31--74--14/15--40--23/24 -21- 14/15--2-5/6--58--2/3

If so, it is not the end of earth, however. This civilization will sink into the bowels of earh, and then earth will be renewed and the Kingdom Age of 1,000 years will be on the earth. It will return to a perfect circle rotation around the sun and it will be a paradise once again.

Our time is apparently up. Obedient Christians are going to be taken up by rapture of the Church at some point in time. The time of that event may be now!

In Daniel 10 there is a 21 days delay outlined when the children of Israel were to be released from captivity. Daniel was puzzled when the release did not come exactly on time. The full 21 days delay was explained as the result of a massive war in heaven, delaying the heavenly messengers from arriving to free Daniel and his kinsmen. The journey began right on time, but war got in the way, so strong and severe, that it actually held up the plan. That very thing is happening again today, I think. If so, this is what it means:

Jul Jul Jul Jul


!-------------------------------------21 days-----------------------------------!

Jul 4/5 the 241st birthday of the U. S.

Jul 11/12 the great sign that Rody was given along with explanation of day counts related to it.

Jul 18/19 the furtherance of signs to Rody expanding on the day counts.

Jul 25/26 the start of the 7 days alert to get into the “ark”.

Aug 1/2 the sudden destruction/rapture event??


Gerry Almond