Fay (30 July 2017)
"Scandalous Evil"

Read this shocking article from United with Israel and try to absorb the reasoning of the hate filled Palestinian leadership. Not only do they use tax payer money - siphoned off the USA, UK, Europe etc., to pay their murderers, they encourage the violence. The more savage the murder of a Jew, the more money one gets paid. The last murder of the Jewish family was so brutal that the murdering swine is being paid $3,120 a month now. Unbelievable. Sickening. We simply have to be near the end, Doves. This stuff is demonic. And these are the people that the Israeli leadership bowed down to. At the behest of the Western powers. These are the disgusting animals that Israel felt they had to obey?? I am THAT angry. I can only imagine how Almighty God is fuming.

WATCH: Murdering a Jew is Like Winning the Lottery in the Palestinian Authority