Fay (30 July 2017)
"Katy Hopkins Article Pulled"

Last week, I posted an article from Katy Hopkins on her visit to Sicily. The article was pulled after two hours by the Daily Mail. In trying to find it again on google, I came across many articles, denigrating Katy and suggesting that she was photographed with "holocaust deniers" and hate groups. It's blatantly obvious the powers that be are trying to bring her down and make her look odious, with the added extra that she keeps questionable company. Read the link below and get a taste of what they are attempting to do. The article in question was a brilliant expose on what was going on with the people trafficking in Sicily. Not "rescuing migrants"........... people trafficking! Katy was astonished at how organised everything was. She had the photographs printed to prove it. The ships bringing in the people were spotless ( Save the Children... Red Cross ships etc.) There were rows of processing stations which operated with pristine efficiency. People were quickly and methodically sorted into their respective groups. The immigrants were mainly strong, young, healthy men. There was no chaos.... no tears.... no drama. When Katy got chatting to a few of the officials, she was told that they received their orders from Rome. That the Pope was behind all this and that he was the overall chieftain of this entire operation. When Katy tried to joke and ask if the Pope was indeed powerful enough to engineer this astonishing mass of people being brought into Europe, she received an affirmative nod and a wry smile.

I dearly wish I had copied and pasted the article. It was a severe indictment about the superficial drivel they feed us about being compassionate and welcoming. THIS is not about being caring and loving on their part. There is something sinister going on. And it's big.

Katie Hopkins causes outrage for joining far-right, anti-immigrant ship in the Mediterranean