Fay (30 July 2017)
"Debunking JW's"

If you have the time to watch this, I recommend it. It's very close to my heart because I have been a victim of this insidious cult. Having a Jehovah's Witness sister and all !! She was never the ideal sister but her manic devotion to this cult turned her into a monster. I do not exaggerate. She broke my heart time and time again, shunning my family for not being JW's. She would become grotesquely angry if we mentioned the Trinity. Almost possessed. Again - not exaggerating. It's wise that we are ready for the next knock at the door from these people. The majority of JW's that I met were terribly well meaning and sincere. Albeit a tad stupid - naive and exceptionally gullible. I never met a genius JW........... believe me!! If you get a knock at the door...... invite them in. Have your computer ready, because the JW's are trained in very slick answers to any sensible questions. Have google primed and ready. A Bible illiterate would get slaughtered. Hear this though - the JW knowledge of the Bible is limited. I had a couple of very sweet women on my doorstep not so long ago. I was tired and not up to the task. I am so ashamed and I wish I could turn back time and handle it as brilliantly as I have imagined in my head. I did manage to convey my bemusement at why they discount Israel completely. "Not important - it has nothing to do with Israel" was their wisdomness answer. I (very lazily - to my shame) quoted Isaiah 17 and Ezekiel 38 to them and said, " I am waiting for Damascus to be destroyed, and then everything will change". These two poor ladies jumped back as though I had shot them. Haha. There;s obviously more to it - I had pointed out that these prophecies were unfolding before our very eyes. Israel surrounded - the very nations named in both scriptures etc. They had no reply. They have not been trained to answer any questions about Israel!!! The only training they've had is to point to one or two obscure scriptures where they believe the church replaced Israel. So, Israel is now null and void, according to them. THIS will be your strength in witnessing to JW;s. Prophecy.

Please handle it better than I did. It won't be difficult.

I would do it all differently if I could. I was a poor witness. The point is that we should all be ready to confront and defend out faith. Which means armouring ourselves with knowledge. 

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