Wotw (31 July 2016)
"The Damascus War"


The Damascus War

I'm writing you because I know you love Jehovah God, and our Lord Jesus Christ, the WORD that became flesh specifically to die a horrible death, to save all mankind of sin, if they just believe in and follow Him.  The Bible is filled with signals, prophesies, even clues; about events to happen and the timing of them.  One of those events will happen on or before October 11, 2016

Israel is about to be attacked by Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon and Gaza.  These are the only five countries that border with Israel.  I.S. has organized several militant groups over the past year, and their alliance already knows the time & date of the attack.  I wonít go into details about all of Israelís customs, but I am going to mention this one particular, year long, Jewish Jubile weíre in.  This Jubile ends at 6 PM Jerusalem time, October 11, 2016.  There are 75 days left as I write.  The Jewish Jubile only comes every 50 years.  There will be some jubilation and celebration this Jubile year in Israel, but that's not what the word jubile means in Hebrew.  It means: 1. Release and return of land or cattle (people got to return to their own land, which was bartered for something else.), 2. Debt forgiveness (someone may have given land to someone else, to graze their herds, while they receive something like money or food.  In a Jubile year owners could return to their own land, and any outstanding debt still on the books is forgiven).  In the 1917-1918 Jewish Jubile, the world was given the Balfour Declaration, as World War 1 was coming to an end.  Any Jew, anywhere in the world, had the lawful right to return to and settle their homeland of rocks & weeds.  The land was desolate, and the Muslims never wanted it, until it was given back to the Jews.  And the Jews just keep on coming until today.  The Jews finally got some of their God given land back.  I'm not a Jew, but I sure love them, because they are Godís chosen people, and everything going forward from the day of this attack, to the end of this age as we know it, will all be about Israel.  The next Jubile was 1966-1967.  June 5-10, 1967 was The Six Day War.  This war occurred during the Jubile year.  Israel not only won more of their land God promised Abraham in Genesis, but on June 7th the Jews took back full control of Jerusalem for the first time in almost 2000 years, and itís prophesied in the Bible.  Israel got more of their land back.  And here is what's going to happen in the next 75 days, during this Jewish Jubile.  One of these next 75 days, at exactly 6 PM Jerusalem time, 11 AM E.T., the five bordering countries (Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon and Gaza) will attack Israelís 400 miles of wall.  Every blast will be simultaneous at many locations up and down the wall.  Terrorists begin pouring into Israel, and the IDF is forced into all out war.  Benjamin Netanyahu rushes to meet with his cabinet members.  Those who are able to make it, quickly and unanimously agree that this Islamic attack is all Israel can take, and Israel responds lethally.  Israel is going to fight the war, to win.  Sometime that night, from a naval vessel, either a ship or a submarine, Israel will launch a nuclear warhead, and detonate it directly over Damascus, Syria.  At daylight the following morning, the people, the city and everything in it, plus the suburbs, do not exist anymore.  I'm not worthy to be a prophet.  When it happens, give God and His Son Jesus all glory, honor and praise.  This is all God's WORD, and He gave us enough information to know that it will happen in this final Jewish Jubile.  Have Fox News on everyday at 11 A.M. for the next 75 days, and you can watch it all happen.  God tells us in His WORD, that He tells us these things ahead of time, so that when they happen, weíll know that He is God.  

God bless you all,