TH (31 July 2016)


  What are the differences ?  Well,  Hope is "wishful" and Faith is "knowing" but is
measured by Degrees.  So what degree of knowing does the LORD deem as
acceptable (qualifying) ? Each and Every LEVEL is Unique to Each Person.  The
Reason for this is because we are ALL Unique to ourselves, ALL of US !  I personally
believe this is why GOD wants ALL Humans to be Reconciled to HIM...with NONE
Missing.  JESUS, himself even said this.  NONE MISSING !  GOD LOVES EVERY
Human does JESUS. HE didn't die for just a few, although that's what
seems to be happening, a few...  :o(   How Heart broken They must feel.....
       If EVERY idle word is "recorded", so must Heart Thoughts also be "recorded".
So it is different  for each person. But since we all know ourselves, we also know
to what level of Faith we each possess.  Is there a definable way of determining if
we have reached an Acceptable level of Faith ? Well, rather than relying on our "gut",
which isn't always accurate, we CAN rely on what JESUS said, ...HE would "KNOW"
Us.... and that we would HEAR HIS VOICE.  An undeniable TRUTH of Scripture.
Don't know where you "stand" w/ HIM ?  Why not ASK HIM ?  Is there ANY thing
more important to you in the entire Universe than being SURE that HE KNOWS YOU?
NO !  There isn't !  So many "pew warmers" are sure they are saved, yet when asked
if they have heard the VOICE of their claimed Savior,  they cannot say for sure.  I've
even had some of them tell me that GOD doesn't speak to us, we just have to have
Faith and Trust in HIM to be Saved.  Is that what JESUS said ? ?  No !  HE said HIS
SHEEP HEAR HIS VOICE !  Do you NOT want to be one of HIS SHEEP ?  You want to
just go w/ your "gut" on this one ?  "Well there is always Hope".  Hope ?  Your willing
to put your Eternal Destiny on Hope ?  Not me,  Nosiree !  I'll take FAITH confirmed
to me by HIS LOVING VOICE and it ...IS LOVING !  And THRILLING ! !  It is my most
Treasured experience, period !  Nothing else comes close.  I'm here to Testify that
YOU want that Experience for Yourself, believe me. It will Change Your Life ! You will
Remember it for the rest of your life as a Turning Point in your Life when you became
a Different of HIS SHEEP !   The Grass IS GREENER !
        Okay, what is a "Knock" ?   1st ask HIM to forgive you for your Sins.  Then "bare"
your Heart in Prayer and ask HIM to Reveal HIMSELF to You, then wait in "thoughtless
patience"  (keep a clear mind) and LISTEN !  Do it until you HEAR HIM.  Determine in
your Heart that you are not going to Stop until you HEAR HIM and do it as often as it
takes.....HE WILL HEAR YOU's YOU that wants to HEAR HIM.  Don't let another
"Sheepless" night go by,  even if you live in Seattle.

                                MARANATHA !

                                       T H