TH (31 July 2016)


When we come across a young person, or an adult for that matter, that is "troubled"
by "normal" standards of behavior as evidenced in any number of ways. They
are bullies, belligerent, mean, and/or exhibit consistent troubled behavior. Is there a
cause for this that may have a source not commonly identified? There usually is, and
it can be traced back to a "wound" that that person suffered sometime in their past.
It could be a tragic loss of a loved person (like losing a parent at an earlier age).  It
could also, sadly, be from abuse.  The result is that the wound caused by whatever
it was, allows for a demon to cover the eyes of that person blinding them to Love and
Forgiveness. This demon will Stay **with the victim till it is identified. Once the person
comes to realize what has happened to them, they can begin to Heal their wound.
Almost always, this realization will ONLY occur with the Help of the Holy Spirit. Not a
100% of the time, but almost. Also, the benefits of having the H.S. Involved in the
process, is that the healing tends to be permanent.  Not to mention what the intro
of the H.S. means to them for the rest of their lives.  They MUST maintain an on-
going Relationship with the H.S. Because the demon will Ever Hover, looking to
Return.  And they never quit and they never sleep.  They aren't in our time line so
they lay in wait looking for an opportunity to latch on. That's what they do, it's their
job. With the help of the H.S., the person can then, Understand and Forgive the
Offense (just as JESUS forgives us of our offenses) and be made whole again.
If you know such a person, a concerned conversation will often reveal what
happened to them that STILL "Haunts" them. Then, with sincere compassion, you
can, with the H.S. guiding you, help them to Heal. Of course you must have a One
on One Relationship w/ the H.S. yourself in order to be effective in this process.
You MUST be able to HEAR what the H.S. is Telling you to Do to WIN this Battle.
The Benefits of HEARING HIS VOICE not only Helps You, but You become of REAL
BENEFIT to others You wouldn't be otherwise.........Seek HIS VOICE !   It will change
your World, and possibly the World for others as well.   MARANATHA !    T H
                                    (**NOT "possession" as popularly understood)
                                 ( Best described as a "sub- conscience" whisperer )