TH (31 July 2016)


I'm so sick of the stupid, uninformed, ignorant, leftist MSM incessantly bringing up
the subject of how Bush lied about Sadam having "weapons of mass destruction".
Two Points:  1. Sadam had them and he shipped them to Syria by convoy before the
war started so the West would no longer have their publicized excuse for ousting
him. There is/was clear Satellite Proof of this that was largely ignored by the MSM
AND..the Bush Admin. who had a Good Reason for not going against the MSM on
this. They decided to take the "heat" unless the "heat" became too didn't,
so they let it ride. BTW the Israelis confirmed this.  2:  Ironically Sadam DID possess
A (1) Weapon of Mass Destruction....but the Bush Admin. did not want the Public (or
anyone for that matter) to know about "IT".  IT...still exists and is now in the possession
of the good ol' USA. In fact we are building a new "Embassy" (on a Fifty Sq. Mile site)
And ISIS or anybody else isn't getting even close to it.  Fifty Sq. Miles for an Embassy?
That's Right !  Fifty !.....WHY ?  Buffer Zone ?  Yeah, but NOT to protect the Embassy.
TO PROTECT THE WEAPON ! !   What on Earth could cause the US to go to War in
order to obtain it ?  Why it's one of the only known active ( and controllable? )  "Star
Gates"  (Portals) on Earth.  It is the one that Nimrod was building his Tower to. It has
NOT gone away.  Things like that are Eternal. When it was discovered, WE (the US )
were going to grab it come hell or high water, and Ironically it's both that are indeed
coming. Also, as the clincher to this info, they actually found what was archeologically
determined to be the actual tomb of Nimrod himself. And yes, turns out he was a
Giant....15' or so. Think they want the Public to know about that ?  In fact they are
confident they can salvage his DNA......let that sink in for a minute.
close are we ?  Time to get CLOSE to our SAVIOR and make sure HE KNOWS YOU !
The lunatics are now running the asylum (Earth).... WE longer belong here and
        THE LORD KNOWS IT !          DOES HE KNOW .....YOU ?        PERSONALLY ?  

                                      MARANATHA !

                                              T H