Luis Vega (31 July 2016)
"PLANET X - Celestial Signs in the Cosmos"



celestial signs in the cosmos
Circumstantial Evidence for a 2nd Sun

by Luis B. Vega for online PDF illustration in Chart section

The purpose of this book is to present various insights for and against the Planet X phenomena. The possible existence of Nemesis will be presented in a philosophical construct and prophetic context. The study will try to ascertain a comprehensive array of subject matter surrounding this notion of an allusive extra solar system 2nd sun. To some or many this notion of an existing 2nd sun is a fact; to others it is a tall-tale wrapped in conspiracy. The study will seek to present the information as if one was new to the subject, thus an elementary tone will be prevalent.

The aim of this book is to introduce the topic to the novice and present the main tenants of the phenomena of Planet X in a single reading. This study will present the various prevalent insights into those that propose Nibiru exists and why and those that are opposed and why. The aim is to better inform and educate the reader as to the various arguments for and against the hypothesis. This book is not a scientific based exposé for or against the existence of Nemesis and/or Nibiru. However, scientific facts and figures will be presented as circumstantial evidence for the affirmative argument. A historical context will be presented and the information mainly discussed will not be new.


The main arguments come from what has already been published and researched for and against the existence of Planet X and Nemesis, which are 2 distinct bodies. When some observations will be made to make a point, the study will take sides for the affirmative as such arguments are presented. The narration of the text will have a 3rd person point of view. All numbers from one to 10 will be numerated for emphasis. The book will be delineated in several sections that will highlight the various arguments of the Planet X phenomena with a bias to the affirmative. Certain word or phrases will be capitalized for emphasis and not all grammatical rules will be followed. The last section will present a Biblical world view for possible ramifications.


These studies will start with the basics as to the ancient origins and cosmology of Nibiru and the distinction of terms. The mid-section of the book will then present scientific information that is used to possibly validate such a heavenly body. Then a historical account of prior government and agency disclosures will be evaluated. The evidence presented will be from a circumstantial reference based on its possible effects, manly astronomical and earthly perturbations and not all-inclusive. The studies will delve into the core tenants of the Nibiru narrative as first introduced by Zecharia Sitchin. There will be also a critique of his research, interpretations and conclusions.

The studies will also touch upon the many elements that suppose a conspiracy aspect regarding Planet X and the many attempts at a possible disinformation attempt especially by NASA and the U.S. government. There will be several chapters that will address the political rationale for such a cover-up. This book seeks to provide only insights and circumstantial evidence that could be possible explanations of the effects the Earth is experiencing presently, as if in labor pangs. In terms of Biblical patterns, if Nemesis exists, it will perhaps synchronize with the book of Revelation chapter 12 Virgo Great Sign in Heaven.


The prophetic insights will be based on information from a spiritual point of reference, more specifically from a Judeo-Christian world view. This will be one of many inferences as not all Christians would or will agree with the perpective, argument or presentation of these studies as it will intermittently interject a Biblical bias for possible interpretation. The main point of the book will be that perhaps such a notion of an existence of Planet X is predicated as the events of the book of Revelation. The depiction in the book of Revelation could be corresponding to the existence and effects of Nemesis as the 2nd sun. The book presents the Great Heavenly Sign as part of the coming Seal judgment events of Jesus Christ.


It is this the argument of this book that the effects as recorded by the Apostle John and given by a resurrected Jesus concerning the sequence of the Seal Judgments is an actualization of events based on such effects of a Planet X flyby phenomena. With this Biblical framework, this book will have some prevalent suppositions based on Biblical prophetic patterns. A main supposition is that the events of the book of Revelation will occur. Mainly the argument is that the Revelation chapter 12 Virgo Sign will correlate to the manifestation of Planet X based on the study of the various motifs portrayed in the Bible and other ancient texts


This specific Great Sign in Heaven from chapter 12 of the book of Relation, the last book of the Bible is said to occur on Rosh HaShanah. This is the Jewish New Year based on the Rabbinical calendar on September 23, 2017. These studies are not insinuating that at that precise time and date, Nemesis will appear. However, the Great Sign of Heaven could soon thereafter, as signs are designed to post up-coming events. The appearance of Nemesis could thus be part of the Biblical judgment the prior apparitions coincided with. The supposition that Planet X does exist is predicated on conjecture that perhaps it will be what will be used as the instrument of Jesus’ Wrath upon the world.


This ‘wrath’ of the risen Jesus will come upon the inhabitants of the Earth as a consequence of the moral decadence Humanity has descended into. Jesus predicated this time as being the same as in the Days of Noah. Thus Jesus believed in a flood judgment and will hold this last generation accountable for their rejection of Jesus as Lord and Savior, solely among other sins. It is mainly that Humanity will have embraced another ‘savior’, that of the AntiChrist and another ‘god’, Lucifer. The timeframe for this ‘testing’ occurrence is supposed to be in the timeframe of the Biblical Tribulation period of Daniel’s last Week of Years.

This timeframe is to define the Biblical construct of the Time of Jacob’s Trouble as some Christian scholars interpret the scenarios of the Last Days. Perhaps there will be a direct correlation with the Planet X flyby and a judgment. This judgment might very well come in the Virgo Sign that specifically depicts a 7-headed Red Dragon. The book will thus present an alternative narrative from those such as Zecharia Sitchin that the 7-headed Red Dragon could very well be the Red Dwarf 2nd sun with 7 planets. However, the now famous exposé of Sitchin’s work will be compared and contrasted to the Biblical one found in the book of Revelation 12. This book seeks to explain the existence of Nemesis and its Planet X based on such a prophetic pattern in the Heavenlies and on the concrete anomalous effects the Earth is currently experiencing.


The precursor to such a trying time would be metaphorically described as a woman with birth pangs about to go into labor. Regardless if the Great Sign in Heaven turns out not to correlate to Nemesis, there is an urgency still. The world is fast approaching a perilous time as depicted in the book of Revelation. If the words of Jesus Christ are reliable and valid and are to come true then based on the accounts of His revelation dictated to the Apostle John, the coming years will see the full effects of a pending judgment as if there was this flyby of Nemesis. This book however will not be able to concretely prove or disprove the existence of a Planet X. However, based on circumstantial evidence perhaps this book can provide a prophetic insight as to its effects; past, present and future.


As noted, this body of work seeks to provide a comprehensive introduction to Planet X but with a Biblical inference to possible interpretations and explanations. These interjections throughout the book will be biased and based on a Judeo-Christian world view and interpretations. Thus to reiterate, the book will suggest that the Planet X phenomenon might be corresponding and synchronizing with the book of Revelation chapter 12 Virgo Sign of the 7-headed Red Dragon. Lastly a glossary of terms will be attached at the end of the book to have an understanding of the alternative Genesis theory of the Sumerians.