Jim Harman (31 July 2017)
"Song of Songs - Come Away My Beloved"

Dear John and Doves,
The Song of Solomon is one of the most perplexing books in the Bible.  Next to the book of Revelation, it is among the most difficult books to understand.  The Song’s difficultly partially stems from the fact that when a person reads the narrative for the very first time the identity of the various speakers are not always given.  This is further complicated by the fact that many different Bible translators mistakenly change the entire plot just by making a faulty judgement as to the correct speaker. 
The Song is also one of the most debated and misunderstood books in all of Scripture.  Countless numbers of interpretations have led to much confusion, forcing many to avoid the book entirely.
I struggled with understanding the Song’s true meaning because the traditional interpretation revolves around the king’s love for a Shulamite maiden and her supposed love for him.  This two character storyline is the predominate view taken by most expositors; however, many people are confused as to how this could possibly represent true love when Solomon shared his life with over 1,000 different women.  Even from a spiritual perspective, how could Solomon’s life represent Christ as a true type?  His polygamy could hardly characterize the righteous love our heavenly Bridegroom has for His bride.
After years of reading and studying numerous commentaries, I too was puzzled as to what the Song of Songs’ true meaning really is. Then I came across an interpretation that explained the Song as a love story that revolves around the three primary characters: Solomon, the Shulamite maiden, and her shepherd lover. This important perspective became the key clue to uncloak its mystery and reveal its actual meaning.
The Song becomes a beautiful romance that unfolds with seven major players telling the story of how a young girl fell in love with a young shepherd boy.  Their strong love for one another proved to be true love that God had placed in their hearts – they were indeed soulmates devoted to each other.  Their great love was able to withstand all of the trials of being separated along with being tempted by the lure of King Solomon’s magnificent wealth and power.  In the end, the devotion and faithfulness of the Shulamite maiden proves no match for the life Solomon offered her.  Her loyalty and commitment to her betrothed demonstrates a great lesson from which all of God’s people can learn.
While the Song is a great love story between a man and a woman, one of its purposes is to remind believers that we too are espoused to our heavenly Bridegroom who went away to prepare a place for us.  While He is gone, we reside in a world (a foreign land that is not our home) where we are tested and tempted every day to forsake Him. 
Another object of this Song is to reveal vital prophetic admonitions for followers of Christ that many may have missed.   One of the main purposes of this book is to help bring these important truths to light in order to help the Church prepare for their glorious wedding day when Jesus returns for His bride.
At Christ’s return he will be seeking a people willing to forsake the world for their love and devotion to Him.  May this short work revive your heart with a fervent love for your Saviour.  May this inspirational Song arouse your spirit in order to hear the Spirit’s passionate cry to come away with Him:   
“Rise up, my love, my fair one, and come away”
 (Song of Songs 2:10)

The above excerpt was taken from my latest book Come Away My Beloved, which may be freely downloaded on our website:
Jesus is coming again very, very soon.  May this latest work spark a flame in the reader’s hearts with a renewed passion for Jesus!
God bless,
Jim Harman