James Brownlow (31 July 2016)
"Pharaoh's Birthday and Obama's Birthday- Aug 4th"


 John and Doves:

Pharaoh is one of only two birthdays mentioned in scripture ; the other being Herod. Herod 's  birthday "gift" was the head of John the Baptist on a platter. Mark 6:21. Both birthdays involve beheadings. Pharaoh lifted up the head of the chief baker and hung him.  Gen. 40:20 . This led directly to the prophecy, explained by Joseph, of the 7 years of famine preceeded by 7 good years. Gen. 41. Everything in scripture is there for a reason. Could this reference to "birthday"( the first mention of birthday in scripture) be an indicator and connection to the measuring DATE for the final  7 years, Joseph's final "type",  and marked by a final 7 year period filled with---- "beheadings"....??? Rev 20:4.

In my other post, I mentioned three reasons I think Aug 3/4 could be a significant date. ( and," an hour you do not expect" ). I linked Elaine B's sites discussing the issue of when Pentecost should take place. I have not read any materials on those web sites except the material relating to Pentecost and it's dating. Those studies on Pentecost are worth review  but other things on those sites, I have no opinion.

God Bless