James Brownlow (31 July 2016)
"August 3/4 Constitutes A Highest Watch"



We are approaching an interesting and (non-jewish festival date) of significance --August 3/4. There are several substantial reasons to ponder this time, all scriptural.

First, there is the coming departure of Jupiter( the King planet, the "Scepter") from the constellation of the Lion. The Lion represents the tribe of Judah, it is the Golden Lion that stands strong on the red flag of Judah. Tammuz is the month assigned to Judah. Tammuz ends on August 4 this year. Informedchristians.com has been pointing to August 8th as the last possible date that the "Scepter", Jupiter the King, will be near the feet of the Lion. See their you tube videos. 

"The scepter shall not depart from Judah nor the Lawgiver from between his feet until Shiloh comes..... " Genesis  49:10.  Shiloh is the Messiah. This scripture applies to the first coming. Does it now apply again ?

Secondly, Elaine B, posted an interesting study on June 19th in response to several posters discussion in early summer. Her links were not live, but they do work. Those links provide a reasonable argument, in fact convincing, that the traditional date for Pentecost in early summer is wrong...actually, it seems to be impossible. The correct date being 50 days after the day it is currently celebrated . This year it is Aug 3/4th. Her two links are below.




Finally, there is only  one man who fits the details and owns the numbers of Revelation 13:18. His time is running short as he will soon pass his seventh birthday in office. Four years ago, on Obama's BIRTHDAY, Aug 4th, 2012, the American flag was raised in London, England as a black American celebrated a gold medal at the olympics. The American flag, positioned in the middle of three flags, blew off the standard and tumbled to earth from the stadium heights. The two side flags were not affected. The crowd gasped at the time. The youtube video is linked at the bottom.

Joseph, the greatest type in the Old Testament, a man about whom no sin is recorded, set forth a type, a time of 7 "good" years, followed by 7 "bad" years. Genesis 41. If Obama is involved in a coming 7 "bad"years (I believe he is), then there is no more appropriate time to begin that count than day 6x6x6. And on a "leap" year to boot. Obama's birthday is Aug 4th, day 216 on a normal non leap year. But this year is also 2(0)16. Zero is not a number !

Watch . Seek Him. Hope .

American Flag link below-