Gino (31 July 2016)
"only 2 with crowns"


In Revelation chapters 2 and 3, there are only 2 churches mentioned in regards to getting crowns.

Smyrna and Philadelphia are also the 2 only two churches that Jesus didnít find somewhat against.

They are also the only two churches not told to repent.

For us individually, to receive a crown, do we need to be like one of those two churches?

If Jesus has somewhat against us, do we then not receive a crown? Especially if we donít repent?

All the churches had praise from Jesus, even if it was only a little, except for one church, Laodicea.

What would that mean for us individually?

            Looking up from Jerusalem, the churches are addressed in a clockwise fashion.

So if they are mapped out evenly, like a clock, Jerusalem would be a 06:00.

The churches then would be:

Ephesus (07:30), Smyrna (09:00), Pergamos (10:30), Thyatira (12:00), Sardis (01:30), Philadelphia (03:00), and Laodicea (04:30)

Smyrna and Philadelphia would be even with each other, horizontally.

Iím not sure how that information would be helpful to any of us, but I found it to be pretty cool.