Charles Holler (31 July 2016)
"post eye surgery letter"

Greetings to my Dearest Friends, Associates,
                The surgery went fairly well yesterday. It's been a long seventeen months but that dreadful day has finally come and gone. The one thing I was adamant about is not having general anesthesia ever since the first day my doctor told me it could be done with a local. I had prepared myself for the local and was more  willing to do it because of the fear I had for general anesthesia. When they were prepping me for surgery yesterday they were kind enough to let me know that they would only do the surgery with general anesthesia. So I just prayed to the Lord Your will be done. I remember waking up a few minuets after one o'clock hearing the surgeon say " the cancer was contained in the eye and it did NOT metastasize to any of the surrounding tissue that I could see". This caused me to say "oh that's good news" which got a room full of laughs as one nurse said " well hes awake now ". With technology they were able to send my children  up to date text messages throughout the surgery.
10:54 am - Physician has just gotten started with surgery.Everything is going well.

12:09 pm - Surgeon has completed the surgery and the a patient will go from here to the                          recovery room.

1:11   pm - The patient has just arrived in their recovery room.The nurse will be calling with an                   update shortly.

1:21  pm - There is a phone call for you from the nurse at the front desk.

2:19  pm - The patient is ready to go. please collect all of their belongings from the front desk.

    This was supposed to be a 23 hour stay over but I guess my vitals were so good they booted me out the same day and I returned home by 4:00 pm. I had a cup of soup and a couple hours later I had a bowl of pasta. My eye sight is already getting better in my good eye.(ONLY EYE)
The side of my head stayed numb for most of the evening but I did wake up at 4 am with upper  sore arms, difficulty in swallowing and coughing. These symptoms have seemed to increase through out the day even as I write this at 3:00 pm the following day. I'm actually waiting for the nurse to return my call to see if there is a reaction to the antibiotic or if the soreness is from possible re-positioning during surgery. Please keep me in prayer in these two areas. Olivea removed the bandage an hour ago and applied a steroid ointment. I thought it would look worse but it is just some swelling and bruising and three stitches to keep my eye lid closed. They will remove those on Tuesday and I will have my new prosthetic eye in six to eight weeks.

I want to thank everyone for their continued prayers and support during this dreadful time in my life. I look forward to a long life ahead spending time with loved ones and walking the path that the Lord has set before me. I look forward to being His servant and reaching out to the lost in these final days we see before us. Please keep me in prayer and let me know if there is anything I can do for anyone out there.

                                                    With Love,
                                                 Charles Holler SR

Dictated by Charles Holler SR
Typed by  Olivea Holler