Patty RP (5 July 2013)
"You're Welcome, Renee Moses"


Dear Renee,

You are very welcome.  Hey, I'm just glad you're back here!  I visited your site and finally bookmarked it. 

You are right, no one has all the answers.  But you make very excellent points.  I, for one, am never mad at what others call "date setters".  For me, personally, they are just high watch dates, that's all.

You obviously pour your heart and soul into your work, and it shows. 

One of these days, someone on this forum is going to be correct about their 'guessed date'...and I sure hope it's you.

I am looking toward the end of the year myself.  I wonder about this 'comet' ISON ("I, Son", "Sion")..who knows if it's even a comet?  Something is on its way over here...and I believe it is God.

How we need Him.


Patty RP