Frank Molver (13 July 2013)
"Bewitched churches and web sites"

I had a friend who got involved in  Christmas public event put on by Christians
Prior to the event they had prayer meetings
However this friend was warned by the Lord in a dream, that 2 of them were up to no good
Turns out they were witches who wanted to pray chaos and confusion so that this event would not be successful
Some of you are aware that this sort of thing happens
Of course the devil is always trying to disrupt
But you know, sometimes they are successful because of the poor spiritual discernment of some of us Christians
I recall hearing recently of a city in England that was  once a Christians stronghold
The occult pretty much chased the Christians out of town
Unfortunately that is the sad state of where we are now
There have been Christian web sites that also have been taken apart by lack of discernment
A witch can paint a pretty picture that the gullible will believe
A little poison planted in the story swallowed by the undiscerning
So, especially us who are of the charismatic bent, we really need to know our word, and exercise our discernment
What does our gut tell us?