Tom Tanner (30 July 2012)
"Isaac Newton and the EndTime Prophecies of Daniel now imminent"

Dear John Tng and Doves,

According to the Biblical research of famous scientist Sir Isaac Newton, and other evidence, the road to Armageddon and the final battle between good and evil are imminent!
(2012 to 2014). Full article here:

 Isaac Newton studied the three major prophetic time periods that Daniel speaks of – the 1260, 1290, and 1335 “days” (Dan.12:7, 11-12). Newton understood these referred to years. He understood that this was talking about the prophetic Biblical year of 360 days, the original year as it was in the days of Noah. Newton determined the 1290 days (years) began 609 A.D. What occurred on that date to begin the countdown? The beginning of horrendous, massive apostasy! 

 The period of 1290 years ended in 1899 which was the institution of Zionism and the forming of the first International Zionism Conference in Switzerland for the purpose of helping the Jews to migrate back to their homeland in Israel. So it is a very significant date – the start of the Zionist movement. The 1335 day prophecy he said would end in 1944 A.D.. That is, 1290 [1899]+ 45 years = 1944. If we add another 45 years to the date of 1899 A.D., we would come to the year 1944 which was toward the end of WWII, which set the stage for the Jews to have their own homeland. A Jewish state was approved in 1947 by the United Nations, and began in 1948.

  Newton knew Bible prophecy foretold a Jewish state in the Middle East at the “time of the end.” Thus this also was significant. The third major time date Newton studied was the 1260 days (which equals a “time, times, and half a time” (Dan.12:7) or 3 ½ years of 360 days each. However, apparently Newton came up with the idea that one must start with king Charlemagne who was crowned by the Pope in 800 AD. By adding 1260 years to 800 AD it comes to 2060 AD. However, is this date correct? Or did the counting begin at an earlier date? 

1260 Years and Armageddon

 What date did Newton arrive at for Armageddon? Newton’s year 2060 A.D. is the culmination of 1260 years of ongoing apostasy. This would have placed the beginning of the countdown in 800 A.D. Newton’s major focus was Christian apostasy – and the apostasy of the Roman Catholic Church! Apparently Newton himself used the date 800 A.D. for the great apostasy – the date when Charlemagne was crowned king of the Holy Roman Empire by the Pope. 800 + 1260 years would take us to the date of 2060 A.D. However, was this conclusion accurate? Let’s examine this matter carefully. The year 2060 seems too far off. Could Newton have made a mistake? Did he begin his countdown of apostasy in the wrong year? Let’s look at the evidence! 

Pepin began his “legal” reign as king in 752 A.D. Was this the REAL “beginning” of the apostasy Newton was referring to? Now, notice carefully! If we count 1260 years from 752 A.D., the actual year Pepin, Charlemagne’s father Pepin was made King of the Franks by Pope Zacharias, then our calculations come to the year 2012! 752 A.D. + 1260 years = 2012 A.D.!!! Note that Pepin’s elevation as “king” was based on the Pope’s influence, power, and the “basis of papal superiority” – another way of saying, the WOMAN (the Catholic Church) at this juncture literally BEGAN her ride upon the “back of the Beast”! The proper date to count from is 752 AD when Popes Zacharias and Stephen II allied themselves with Pepin, father of Charlemagne and hired him to invade Italy to establish the Papal TEMPORAL DOMINION in Rome. Now that was 752 and 754. If you count 1260 years from 752 you come to the year 2012 AD. Counting from 754 AD you arrive at 2014. So the 1260 years, a day being fulfilled beginning with the Papal TEMPORAL DOMINION on earth in either 752 or 754 AD and add the 1260 years it brings you to 2012 or 2014 AD. 2012-2014 would be the end of the 1260 days!

It seems we are right on schedule for the Jubilee year in 2015 and the return of Christ!

God bless all,
Tom T