Rowina (4 July 2012)
"Fire "judgment" already came to New Mexico in year 2000"


What happened here in the Los Alamos area was as bad as what has now happened in Colorado.  
In our small town we lost completely 435 residences (homes, condos) and lost many more to partial
destruction.  My husband and I had to leave our nice big level condo and evacuate with the whole town,
including all animals except the wild ones which, unfortunately, were badly hurt.  We evacuated many
horses, as this is a "horsy" town, many cats and dogs.  Everyone left down a one lane mountain road.

The smoke toxic odor remained for a long long time afterwards.  We had to live elsewhere for years.
the whole area still reeked with toxic smoke.  My husband tried to pick up a skirt
of mine off the floor, even after I had it cleaned, and had to drop it, it was so "hot". (he was not chemically
sensitive as I am, but he still couldn't touch the skirt).  We had to abandon all fabric furniture and bedding,
all clothes, and especially all books.  I still have a Bible from England which I can't touch without wearing
gloves, twelve years later.  Most family pictures were destroyed by water flooding our condo.

Then last summer we again evacuated the town because a new giant fire lapped at the edges of the town
and the National Laboratory.  Again, fleeing before the black skies filled with smoke, and orange glow on
the horizon, even before the fire reached town.

And smoke from fires has again come here, a month ago, leaving me with troubled eyesight and
neurological problems again.

Is this judgment from God?  Diane says no (concerning Colorado) and Steve says yes.  

I would have to agree that judgment has come, but it's not something new.  It's been going
on since Adam and Eve.  And the "rain falls on the just and unjust."  Illness falls on the bad and the
good.  It makes one feel very small and impersonal to realize that one is just part of a big judgment
on the whole shoddy efforts of mankind.

if there is anything different about this time in history it is this:  that all detriments arrive together, at
the same time.  When "all these things come to pass"...remember Jesus' words?

Some people say it was just as horrible in the 14th century in Europe, the time of the Black Plague and
the Hundred Years' War.  Two thirds of the population died in that time, sounding like the predictions of
the Tribulation.  But Israel was not in its land, so the whole of prophecy could not then be fulfilled.  

Similar holocausts have always decimated mankind, since the Fall of Man.  History provides us with
records of wars that killed hundreds of thousands, and then, later, millions, and devastated the lands
on which they were fought, and brought economic ruin which was never fully recovered (think of Germany
after WW I, and the economy-based rise of Hitler).  

Our only real hope is in God rescuing us and taking us to Heaven, whether in the rapture or at death.
Very sobering thought.  We are not "more special" than those who went before.  But we may be blessed
to be in the last generation before the Second Coming of Christ.