Kari (4 July 2012)
"The pyramids are a calendar and they point to 2012 & info re Rev 9:5, 10"

I am thinking 2012 is the year.  I just watched 2 amazing videos you need to watch at least 2 times to get the full impact.  If you aren't a believer in fallen angels building the pyramids you have to watch this video:  the pyramids are a calendar.  It is amazing, esp the part where the smaller pyramids fit in pointing to the belt stars of Orion and where they are in the sky back in 10,949 BC and to where they are in the sky at 2012 AD 




then I was trying to rectify Rev 9:5, 10 (locust army w/ scorpion-like tails) having power to torment men five months.

With that being said, if the feasts are to be fulfilled within the 7 yr time frame, starting in 05 ending in 12 (some believe 2008-2015 as the feasts also outline 7 yrs to the day there also) we are running out of months (if will end on Yom Kippur 2012)


I was looking up the greek of the word months and G3376 didn't come up (used in Rev 9)  I looked it up here also:

blue letter bible:

1) a month

2) the time of the new moon, new moon (the first day of each month, when the new moon appeared was a festival among the Hebrews)

What if it meant the definition number 2?  At the time of the new moon of the 5th month?  Was that the true intent John was trying to relay?  That would mean July 20 of this year.