Jean Stepnoski (3 July 2012)
"With Love For My Sister In Christ: For Diane Werckle"


Dear Diane and Doves,
      I am praying for you and your family and others in Colorado Springs, Waldo Canyon, and other places  affected in Colorado by these horrific and tragic wildfires. Weeping as I type this, heart goes out to you and other members of the bride/body of Messiah/Christ. Do I see these as "judgment" from God? I see them as part of worsening events in America over the last 7 years from the expulsions from The Gaza and certain West Bank communities. Worsening weather, spiritual degenerations, and economic conditions going from bad to worse are part of a 7 year pattern, of intensification and worsening of "the birth pangs" our Master told us about. In Genesis we read of Joseph and his correct and wise interpretation of Pharaoh's dream. The 7 starving, emaciated cows consume the 7 healthy and well fed cows. First there would be the 7 years of preparation, of plenty of grain, of food for each and all Egyptians. Then when the 7 years came to completion, having gotten worse each year, came the promised HORRIBLE 7years of drought, NO rain, NO crops,  NO grain. Yet, Pharaoh and the Egyptians PREPARED by filling the granaries of Egypt each worsening year of the first 7 years. THEN the  7 lean years of baked earth, scorching sun, drought, rainlessness, famine, and starvation arrived as promised. Conditions in years 1 to 14 got worse each year, especially from years 7 to 14. Are we ending a 7 year pattern of degeneration, of bad to worse and worse of weather conditions?  More forest fires, hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes? Remember some of the conditions, ever worsening in a 2520 day period, in The Book of Revelation? A number of them concern WEATHER GONE WILD. The Two Witnesses can stop up the heavens, at will, and PREVENT ANY RAIN for the 1260 days of their witness. There will be a scorching sun which will burn people. No ozone layer remaining? Drought. Famine. Starvation. Working for a day's wage, to get a little bread to eat. We are nearly into the segue, THE TRANSITION, into the last 7 years of the last shavua of The 70 Weeks of Daniel until The Second Coming. I do not believe we are witnessing Divine condemnation of all residents of Colorado Springs, Waldo Canyon, the Air Force Academy, or all of Colorado or all Colorado residents. These are part of "THE BIRTH PANGS" BEING ALLOWED by Father, Son, and Spirit. The 7 years nearly past us will END with a TRANSITION, SPIRITUAL DEMARKATION POINT, AND DAY soon. This shall be THE DAY of THE BLESSED HOPE. Dear sister in Christ, Diane, our great and profound sufferings are nearly over. For now, "We see but through a glass darkly." But soon ABOVE the flames, the fires, the haze, the smoke, the clouds, will appear in The Joy of His Appearing, THE BELOVED. The trumpet may sound any day now. Perhaps today. Come quickly, Lord...
With Love and Shalom,