Gerry Almond (11 July 2012)
"God is closing in on His enemies...look up, that means we are to be taken home"

The 42 months period (1,260 days) of GREAT tribulation has not yet begun.  It begins with the declaration of the man of sin that he is God, while in the temple of God.  This has obviously not happened yet.  And there are two more events associated with the onset of the GREAT tribulation.  These are:

1.  Two witnesses, one of which is Elijah, must come.

2.  144,000 Jewish evangelists must be sealed.

However, I have no doubt whatsoever about our not only being in the 70th week of Daniel’s prophecy, but also having identified its start and finish.  The mid point was April 11/12, 2012 and we are now well into the second half of that count of days.  It is therefore obvious that we are into the last half of Daniel’s prophecy.  But, it is equally obvious that the 42 months (1,260 days) of Revelation’s prophecy have not yet begun.  

First of all, let it here be said that the rapture of the Church is NOT a dateable event.  It will come when it comes, but according to 2 Thessalonians 2,  it will be accompanied by “sudden destruction”, which has not happened yet either.

So, what is the solution and why are we still here?

Here is what I think may be the case:

Ron Reese’s timeline is absolutely accurate.  So is Mathman’s “Love Story in the Sky” and so is the fulfillment of Revelation 12 beginning last Rosh Hashana and continuing to this day.  I know these are and here is why I know it.  It is because of the 120 years of 360 days each equaling 43,200 days of Noah’s day equaling the same number of days of re-gathered modern Israel from the first Jewish Congress on 8/31/1897 until the end of the 70th week of Daniel by count being December 7/8, 2015.  This compared to the exact timing of the tetrads of eclipses discovered by Seattle Pastor Mark Biltz.  I will say that absolutely no one can convince me that this is not true.  It cannot be mere coincidence.  But neither does it identify the 42 months (1,260) of Revelation.

However, Chelsea B posted on July 4 on Five Doves something I have been thinking since June 25/26 came and went.  That is that something beyond the end of Daniel’s time count must be true or we would be gone by now.  I thank her for her foresight in posting it.

She and I both agree that there are other factors to consider.  I have two possibilities at this point.  They are:

1.  June 25/26 could be the day the 21 days journey began instead of at the transit of Venus.  If so, Jesus and company should arrive July 16/17.  This is a good possibility.  And, since Jesus was often late by 3 days, but yet always on time, it could be as late as July 20/21.

2.  Chelsea is right on target in saying that the last 1,260 days of Daniel are not exactly overlaid on the 1,260 days of Revelation.  If this is the case, as I think it is, then we will have to wait a bit longer for the two to reconcile.  I can see our mighty God doing something just like this in order to hide the time of the rapture.  I can also see Him connecting the rapture event directly to sudden destruction as it is recorded in 2 Thessalonians 2.  Again, it is found in Revelation 17 as well.    

Beloved, God is not telling us when the 1,260 days of Revelation begins.  The Bible NEVER SAID IT WAS AT THE SAME TIME as Daniel’s.  I personally think it is very soon now, and should become evident with the revealing of the two witnesses and the sealing of the 144,000.  

I do not agree with the shortening of days theory.  I do not disagree that the day’s length may be shortened to perhaps 16 hours as some think, however.  It could and probably will be so.  

 Neither do I think it correct that somehow we have miscounted.  I think we are on target with Daniel’s prophesied days but are not  on the start of Revelation’s 1,260 days.

I am liking the idea of the 9th or 10th of Av, though.  

Time will tell.