Diane W (2 July 2012)
"Colorado fires"

Dear Doves,


I am deeply grieved to see the comments regarding the Colorado fires being a “judgment” from God. I live in Colorado Springs and my church, my brothers and sisters in the Lord, and my immediate family all live there. We love and deeply respect the great commitment to Christ that is in our city.


Many ministries that serve the cause of Christ all around the globe are based in Colorado Springs. My husband works at one of these and has for many years.


Before you condemn the state, you need to know the truth. Our business is located in the most deeply affected part of the Waldo Canyon fire. Even this evening, I have been unable to go into our store to see if it has sustained fire, smoke or water damage. I have prayed over my store almost daily for 7 and ½ years, that it would be a light to the community. I have witnessed to my customers. Christ is glorified there in every way I can think of. I will only continue to do more. However, my husband and I, my son and daughter and two of our employees are six of the people whose cars were in the line-up of vehicles trying desperately to escape the firestorm. I’m sure you’ve all seen the photos. It was the most frightening night of my life.


Furthermore, there are many believers in the area who were deeply affected by this fire. Flying W Ranch, for one, which was burned to rubble, has honored the name of Christ daily since its beginnings sixty years ago. The Wolfe family are down-to-earth, God-fearing people. There are many Christians whose homes were lost. Many of them are young people who love Christ, who serve in ministry and who lift up Jesus to the community. The fire started near Queen’s Canyon. This canyon begins on Glen Eyrie, the beautiful castle and estates that is part of the Navigator’s property and a beautiful, Christian retreat and conference center. My daughter works at the Navigators. Several of her friends there lost their homes.


The focal point of the Air Force Academy is the beautiful chapel. While I do not regularly attend there, I have attended services on many occasions. It is our family’s tradition to attend Christmas Eve services on the Academy. The cross of Christ is lifted up in every service I have attended. I know many young people who have attended the Academy and many Air Force people who serve there. Many of them are believers.


I am not saying that our city is perfect, but it does not make sense for God to “judge” the very ones who are lifting up His name to the nations. Please think twice about your condemnations. God is not judging His people. Conditions for fire are ripe throughout the western United States. This is a result of the La Nina weather patterns, which has brought warm, dry conditions for months. Furthermore, we know that some of the fires in our state were not started by lightning or other weather conditions. Instead of condemning our State, please pray humbly for the causes/perpetrators to be found and the people/land to be protected.


Although I do not believe God caused these fires, I know that He can still be glorified in them. It is a testimony to His love and protection that only two people died in this fire. I am sure that in the coming days and weeks we will hear many stories of His faithfulness.


Diane Werckle