Wade Balzer (25 July 2011)
"[Revelation2217] Dividing the indivisble Nation...Abomination of Desolation part 2."


I am really not sure how I am going to write this, but I wanted to convey a picture that I have seen.


There has always been a fight to divide and capture Jerusalem.   It seems to be quite a prize city.  But I am also aware that Bible is full of colorful metaphor that conceals the Kingdom of God.


If I were to divide Israel, most of us think of the land of Israel being divided.   But remember that the first mention of Israel is not a nation, but a man.   And just as Jerusalem is the heart of Israel, there is also a bride that is the heart of a man.


Notice the rich metaphor:


12243 Verses from the End

Isa 62:4

Thou shalt no more be termedH559 Forsaken;H5800 neither shall thy landH776 any more be termedH559 Desolate:H8077 but thou shalt be calledH7121 Hephzi–bah,H2657 and thy landH776 Beulah:H1166 for the LORDH3068 delightethH2654 in thee, and thy landH776 shall be married.H1166



Greek Strong’s # 2243 = Elijah


Because this is rich in metaphor, what is being pictured is concealed.


This is a WOMAN who God is speaking to.


Greek Strong’s # 845 = Eye-Witness


845 Verses from Malachi 4:6

Joel 1:8

LamentH421 like a virgin girded with sackcloth for the husband of her youth.


Let me describe the picture a little bit more….  


This is a MARRIAGE that had NO HONEYMOON.   In other words, a virgin widow.


There is only one verse in the Bible with the words… “virgin” and “widow”.


9372 Verses before Esther 2:7

Lev 21:14

A widow,H490 or a divorced woman,H1644 or profane,H2491 [or] an harlot,H2181 these shall he not take:H3947 but he shall takeH3947 a virginH1330 of his own peopleH5971 to wife.H802


If you will notice, a woman who is desolate from the loss of her husband is someone who has been broken.


Verse # 9372

1Kgs 18:30

And ElijahH452 saidH559 unto all the people,H5971 Come nearH5066 unto me. And all the peopleH5971 came nearH5066 unto him. And he repairedH7495 the altarH4196 of the LORDH3068 [that was] broken down.H2040


Think of the altar as a heart that has been broken.   I believe that is the picture.


Hebrew Strong’s # 4196 = Altar


4196 / 2 = 2098


Greek Strong’s # 2098 = Gospel


Lev 21:14 has a verse gematria = 2477.


The theme of “brokenness” is carried by 2477.


2477 Verses from the End of the Bible

1Cor 11:24

AndG2532 when he had given thanks,G2168 he brakeG2806 [it], andG2532 said,G2036 Take,G2983 eat:G5315 thisG5124 isG2076 myG3450 body,G4983 which is brokenG2806 forG5228 you:G5216 thisG5124 doG4160 inG1519 remembranceG364 of me.G1699


Hebrew Strong’s # 4196 = Altar


|<-- 4196 Entries -->|<-- 4478 Entries -->|

|<------ Strong’s Hebrew Dictionary ----->|


Hebrew Strong’s # 4478 = Manna


Notice that MANNA when it is broken…


4478 / 2 = 2239


Exod 28:16

FoursquareH7251 it shall be [being] doubled;H3717 a spanH2239 [shall be] the lengthH753 thereof, and a spanH2239 [shall be] the breadthH7341 thereof.


The verse reference points to:


Greek Strong’s # 2816 = Inheritance


2239 Verses from the End  (keep in mind the “broken” manna).

2Cor 4:3

ButG1161 ifG1487 ourG2257 gospelG2098 be hid,G2572 G2532 it isG2076 hidG2572 toG1722 themG3588 that areG2076 lost:G622


2239  in reverse…


Verse # 9322

1Kgs 17:4

And it shall be, [that] thou shalt drinkH8354 of the brook;H5158 and I have commandedH6680 the ravensH6158 to feedH3557 thee there.


Looking at:


Hebrew Strong’s # 4478 = Manna

Greek Strong’s # 4478 = Rachel


Matt 2:18

In Rama was there a voice heard, lamentation, and weeping, and great mourning, RachelG4478 weeping [for] her children, and would not be comforted, because they are not.


Can you see the “broken spirit”?


When the jars of clay are broken, the light hidden inside does shine.


I have spoken before of the Abomination of Desolation (http://www.fivedoves.com/letters/july2011/wadeb716.htm) , but to see what is going on in the scripture, you have to look at it without a preconceived idea of what it looks like.


If a puppet of Satan were by his actions to cause the Word of God to become null and void by marrying the King’s daughter who is the second witness of Revelation 11, he will have committed the abomination of desolation.  She is the woman, a virgin, that God gives to Elijah/Zerubbabel to wife.  She is the temple not made with hands that God will fully dwell in hidden in a mask of skin.


Here it is…  You just have to visualize that the temple is not a man-made building…


Mal 3:1

Behold, I will sendH7971 my messenger,H4397 and he shall prepareH6437 the wayH1870 beforeH6440 me: and the Lord,H113 whom ye seek,H1245 shall suddenlyH6597 comeH935 to his temple,H1964 even the messengerH4397 of the covenant,H1285 whom ye delightH2655 in: behold, he shall come,H935 saithH559 the LORDH3068 of hosts.H6635


Here is the deal…  God will not judge a crime that hasn’t been committed.   Someone who is “pimp-like” makes the King’s daughter into a “whore” of scripture with a “kiss” of marriage, he has officially committed the crime against the scripture.   He could have chosen any other woman in the entire world, but he chose to steal the inheritance of the people of God.   He is Achan, and within one hour, Jericho will be made a desolate widow.   The breach of scripture will cause the heavens to shake.   Michael will throw Satan out of heaven and every lying angel with him.


The abomination of desolation divides the nation of Israel, the man, from the promise of God.   Notice it is written…


Hebrew Strong’s # 2216 = Zerubbabel

Hebrew Strong’s # 2217 = Zerubbabel


Divide him… and give him “nothing”, and leave him “half-dead”.


Verse # 22016

Dan 9:27

And he shall confirmH1396 the covenantH1285 with manyH7227 for oneH259 week:H7620 and in the midstH2677 of the weekH7620 he shall cause the sacrificeH2077 and the oblationH4503 to cease,H7673 and for the overspreadingH3671 of abominationsH8251 he shall make [it] desolate,H8074 even until the consummation,H3617 and that determinedH2782 shall be pouredH5413 upon the desolate.H8074


This is the ONLY place in scripture that the word, “CONSUMMATION” is used which is normally used of a “CONSUMMATION of MARRIAGE”.   The time between the KISS of Marriage and the Consummation of Marriage is the ONLY time that a woman can be a “virgin widow” if the husband be dead.  (A refused woman is also called a widow in scripture).


In fact, when you break down the number of Zerubbabel


16 Verses from Malachi 4:6

Mal 3:8

Will a manH120 robH6906 God?H430 Yet ye have robbedH6906 me. But ye say,H559 Wherein have we robbedH6906 thee? In tithesH4643 and offerings.H8641


Hebrew Strong’s # 2217 = Zerubbabel


Greek Strong’s # 22 = Unmarried

Greek Strong’s # 17 = Sorrow


Verse # 22017

Dan 10:1

In the thirdH7969 yearH8141 of CyrusH3566 kingH4428 of PersiaH6539 a thingH1697 was revealedH1540 unto Daniel,H1840 whose nameH8034 was calledH7121 Belteshazzar;H1095 and the thingH1697 [was] true,H571 but the time appointedH6635 [was] long:H1419 and he understoodH995 the thing,H1697 and had understandingH998 of the vision.H4758


Hebrew Strong’s # 3566 = Cyrus

Greek Strong’s # 3566 = Bridegroom


Look at the verse before again, and notice the opening made…


Verse # 22016 = 1129 Verses from Malachi 4:6


Gen 2:22

And the rib,H6763 which the LORDH3068 GodH430 had takenH3947 from man,H120 madeH1129 he a woman,H802 and broughtH935 her unto the man.H120


The way the scripture is framed would not make sense UNLESS the abomination of desolation was a marriage that is abruptly ended.


If any man shall divide a man from God’s promise, then he will “be rent” from his.  Woe to him who pokes the eye of God.


Matt 24:15

WhenG3752 yeG1492 thereforeG3767 shall seeG1492 the abominationG946 of desolation,G2050 spoken ofG4483 byG1223 DanielG1158 the prophet,G4396 standG2476 inG1722 theG5117 holyG40 placeG5117, (whoso readeth,G314 let him understand:)G3539


holyG40 placeG5117 = 40 + 5117 = 5157


Hebrew Strong’s # 5157 = Inheritance

Hebrew Strong’s # 5158 = Brook


Mark 13:14

ButG1161 whenG3752 ye shall seeG1492 the abominationG946 of desolation,G2050 spoken ofG4483 byG5259 DanielG1158 the prophet,G4396 standingG2476 whereG3699 it oughtG1163 notG3756, (let him thatG3588 readethG314 understand,)G3539 thenG5119 let them that beG3588 inG1722 JudæaG2449 fleeG5343 toG1519 the mountains:G3735


oughtG1163 notG3756 = 1163 + 3756 = 4919


As I have said, if you break the heart upon which the frame of the Word of God is written, it will rend the heavens with it.   Notice the only verse with that Greek Strong’s number…


Acts 21:13

Then Paul answered, What mean ye to weep and to breakG4919 mine heart? for I am ready not to be bound only, but also to die at Jerusalem for the name of the Lord Jesus.


Greek Strong’s # 2032 = Heaven


Now let’s REND the heavens….  20302 at Elijah….


20302nd Verse beginning at 1 Kings 17:1  (Elijah)

1Thess 4:16

ForG3754 the LordG2962 himselfG846 shall descendG2597 fromG575 heavenG3772 withG1722 a shout,G2752 withG1722 the voiceG5456 of the archangel,G743 andG2532 withG1722 the trumpG4536 of God:G2316 andG2532 the deadG3498 inG1722 ChristG5547 shall riseG450 first:G4412


Notice the same 232 is girded around his waist.


2Kgs 1:8

And they answeredH559 him, [He was] an hairyH8181 man,H376 H1167 and girtH247 with a girdleH232 of leatherH5785 about his loins.H4975 And he saidH559, It [is] ElijahH452 the Tishbite.H8664


Paul would later describe this as a belt of TRUTH.   You can see this action again…

Hebrew Strong’s # 1696 = to Word, to speak…


Webster’s Vol 2 Word # 16960 = Space  (a final frontier)

Greek Strong’s # 225 = Truth


Verse # 16960 = BCV (Book Chapter Verse) # 20205

Prov 20:5

CounselH6098 in the heartH3820 of manH376 [is like] deepH6013 water;H4325 but a manH376 of understandingH8394 will draw it out.H1802


Can you see how connected the TRUTH is to the WORD to the UNIVERSE to the HEART of a MAN?


There is only one verse in the Bible with the word RIP.


2992 Verses from Esther 2:7

2Kgs 8:12

And HazaelH2371 said,H559 Why weepethH1058 my lord?H113 And he answered,H559 Because I knowH3045 the evilH7451 that thou wilt doH6213 unto the childrenH1121 of Israel:H3478 their strong holdsH4013 wilt thou setH7971 on fire,H784 and their young menH970 wilt thou slayH2026 with the sword,H2719 and wilt dashH7376 their children,H5768 and rip upH1234 their women with child.H2030


NT Verse # 2992

John 3:16

ForG1063 GodG2316 soG3779 lovedG25 the world,G2889 thatG5620 he gaveG1325 hisG846 only begottenG3439 Son,G5207 thatG2443 whosoeverG3956 believethG4100 inG1519 himG846 shouldG622 notG3361 perish,G622 butG235 haveG2192 everlastingG166 life.G2222


Hebrew Strong’s # 2030 = Woman with child

Greek Strong’s # 2030 = Eye-Witness


Phone # 24253 = BIBLE

Webster’s Vol 2 Word # 24253 = Universe   (meaning ONE VERSE)

Webster’s Vol 2 Word # 26137 = Verse


Verse # 26137

John 3:16

ForG1063 GodG2316 soG3779 lovedG25 the world,G2889 thatG5620 he gaveG1325 hisG846 only begottenG3439 Son,G5207 thatG2443 whosoeverG3956 believethG4100 inG1519 himG846 shouldG622 notG3361 perish,G622 butG235 haveG2192 everlastingG166 life.G2222


If you don’t understand the consequences, the abomination of desolation will rip the universe apart unless God step in the gap to hold His WORD together.  


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Wade Balzer