Vicki (16 July 2011)
"Mary re: Lacking"


Dear Mary and Doves,
Mary your words are so true, God does provide in amazing ways. He LOVES us and wants to provide for us. Let me share how He recently provided for me in a way that only HE can.
I was divorced 4 1/2 years ago after a 23 year marriage to a very controlling and abusive man. I never set foot in "our" bank in 23 years. (I say "our" because that's what he lead me to believe) Come to find out my name was on nothing. Every bank account, savings, phone bill, electric etc. It was as if I didn't exist. He told me over and over again that NOTHING is mine. Even the electricity was his. I was trapped in a hell on earth.
But then God stepped in!! He rescued me from the bondage I was in and has been my "husband" ever since.
I still have 2 children living at home. It's very difficult being a single mom on a very limited income, but when my wonderful God sees a need..He takes care of it. The paint on the south and west sides of my house was beginning to chip and flake off. It was looking pretty nasty. Also my roof is 16 years old and needed to be re shingled.There was no way I could even consider repairing it. So on May 12,2011 God sent a hail storm. Not just any hailstorm. A hailstorm of golf ball sized hailstones which lasted 15 min. It sounded as if a gravel truck was unloading on my roof!! The hail storm covered a very,very small area in my town. It basically went right over my neighborhood!! God knew I needed the repairs, and couldn't afford it, so He sent a hailstorm which is covered by insurance!!! Oh my word, don't you just LOVE HIM!!!  My house will soon receive a paint job, new shingles, 6 screens, 12 shudders and a window :)  ONLY He can provide in this way!! It's sooo much fun watching Him in action. Does He provide? YES!!  Will He continue to provide?  Absolutely!!  Is there anything  to difficult for Him?  NO!!
Doves keep trusting... Our God can provide in ways our minds can't even imagine :)

Mary I laughed right out loud when I read about the Lord asking you specifically about what kind of house you wanted. He asked me the exact same thing on Jan. 28, 2011!!  He told me to write down everything I desired in my "new" home. At first I was being very conservative with my desires (not wanting to ask for too much).Each time I thought my list was complete, I heard Him ask "is that all?" I would add a few more things to my list and again hear "is that all?"  This happened several times. I guess I didn't want to ask for too much. Then I heard His tender, loving voice say "you are my precious child whom I dearly love. I WANT to give you good things, nothing is too hard or impossible for Me. Besides I own it all, there is no home which you create on paper that I cannot give to you" WOW!!
I have 2 sides of a notebook sized paper filled with the description of my "new" house.It's soo cute and on a lake!! God had me fold it up and place it inside my Devotional "Jesus Calling" I haven't looked at which page it is and I have no idea what year I will receive my new home. But I trust that my dear Lord will allow this home to be mine someday. Especially after reading your story, I'm even more excited!!
We serve a HUGE HUGE God and nothing is too big or to hard for Him to provide.
ysic,  Vicki