Vicki (15 July 2011)
"Chicago storms...God's message to Obama?"


Hi John and Doves,
I think most of us have heard about the meeting of the Quartet and the storms hitting Chicago (Obama's hometown) on July 11. Twice I read that 860,000 people had lost power due to these storms. What I find interesting is the number 860,000. Zero's have no numerical value, they only determine the placement of the valued numbers. By eliminating the 0's we're left with the number 86. Now for the amazing part.....8x6=48......8+6=14....reduce the 14 by adding 1+4=5. Look what we have....48-14-5 or 5-14-48 . The date ISRAEL was given back their LAND!!!  The number 48 can be added 4+8=12. 12= the twelve tribes of Israel.The PEOPLE.
So I'm wondering.....Did God give a hidden message to Obama?  "DON"T TOUCH MY LAND OR MY PEOPLE"
I believe God is speaking through everything that is going on in the world (and in the heavens). We are living in amazing times!!
      ysic,  Vicki