Tracy Coltellino (14 July 2011)
"The 5 Doves"

Just a quick is soooo beautiful to see the REAL body of Christ, with MATURE, concerned, loving brothers and sisters disagree, express hurt or rejection over the actions of another, and then see what the REAL body of Crist does to handle things that would send immature christians, or any other worldly bloggers into a tailspin of he-said-she-said backbiting, slander, accusations, insult hurling and vitriol!  It takes very little in the world to get the hackles raised....and it was handled so beautifully between elaine (I think) and others.  What COULD have been a war of words resulting in pain and alienation, ended instead with repentence, forgiveness, graciousness, and caring.  Imaging it in the millenium kingdom!  It brought tears to my eyes...I was half-waiting for the other shoe to drop and the name-calling to begin-it happens ALL THE TIME on other CHRISTIAN sites!  This is how the body WORKS!!!  We do NOT look to grand-stand our own position, but to uphold one another in love and protection.  Instead of trying to out-do each other, we encourage!  And the other hard part is: WE also FORGIVE!!!!  Beautiful!!!!  TC