Tracy (1 July 2011)
"To Amanda: Regarding "Strange Smell""



To Amanda: Regarding “Strange Smell”


I thought I was the only “nut” that had these experiences. Since March of this year I have been smelling this very sweet thick odor – it’s kind of like dishwashing soap. I thought it was just that, since my wife switched brands. I thought this until I smelled this odor in the car. Kinda freaked me out. I thought it was demonic, but later it was confirmed to me to be an angelic presence. The morning when I woke up to write the article called “Grace Ending – Wrath Beginning” (posted a while back) I had the most extreme encounter with this phenomenon. It was so strong, I was choking – I could not breathe. I really do not understand this. It comes and goes. I have prayed for insight into this, but I now just accept it. I am one of those that have encountered the number “21” – in amazing ways that have been confirmed 3 times. I have prayed about this also. I thought this meant an April 21, 2011 rapture. Of course that did not occur. So, I live with this mystery also.


Watching and Waiting,