Tony (22 July 2011)
"About the anti-christ/Ophichus letter on Jan 2011"


I just read this letter:

And I am thinking that, perhaps this new sign called Ophichus is not satan, because it says that Ophichus is a healer and a snake-holder. Meaning that he has the power to hold the snake. Now, is the serpent not also one of the signs? Could this not mean that Ophichus is able to control and hold the slithering personality of the serpent? 
Also, I believe that it might not be satan because it is a sign so people born under this sign would automatically be satan? That is quite a horrible thing to say about a new born child, no? 

I don´t know if this change is a NWO scam or not, but if it has been like this for thousands of years, as they say, then people who were born during this new sign would already be the anti-christ. If you know someone that is born between these dates, take a good look within yourself and ask "would this person really be an anti-christ?". The anti-christ would be quite a powerful individual, with powers as grand as jesus almost. I never met anyone like this, especially not among those born between these dates!

I think we shall withold judgement until we have proof in the pudding! : )

- Tony