Tabby (28 July 2011)
"Become a body without spots"

Dear doves,
I read fivedoves often , and have wrote in before . I have just finished praying, and feel lead to tell people to please start calling out to God to heal us meaning the church itself we need a good cleansing , with healing comes forgiveness. When we are forgiven and healed then we are made clean without spot or blemish. Are you Ready for the return of our savior? Ready for a great awaking? Lets bind together in unity, as a body would do,and call out for the same thing.  Praise , glory and honor to our king.

Forgive us lord of not treating others right , not making that total sacrifice to you,putting worldly things before the house of God ,not loving one another, and not helping others in need , help us win more souls for you.heal us and this body. Bind us together ...Aman

God bless,