Suzi (9 July 2011)
"Get well John & other stuff..."

I miss my daily letters when they are not there, but I wish for you to be well, and at least just taking a day off! :) Get well soon!

Luckily (or not), I didn't finish all of yesterday's letters because I had to go to a new dr. to have cervical spine shots in my neck. The last things I did like this, it was done in the very lowest part of the 'neck' or cervical spine, and a thin 'tube' was snaked up to the discs that needed attention. This time, he went right to the offending discs, and I must say, I am feeling a lot like I did right after the major surgery! All that is missing is the neck brace/collar! *ow*

So, I did have some 'new' letters to read this morning.

I am curious about this 'remote viewing'. It seems that it is an old occult practice that I used to do, where one 'moves their consciousness ahead in time'. I didn't watch much of the video, since I got a very 'hinkey' feeling about it. It was like the 'men who stare at goats' type stuff. The government delving into paranormal activity. Yes, one can 'see' the future...but are we supposed to? If God gives us a vision, that's one thing, but for a man, corruptible and fallible SEEKS to 'see' the future, on his own, oh my...that just opens a door that should remain bolted shut in my opinion!! I know a girl who claims to be Christian, yet she 'does readings' for clients, going as far as using Tarot cards. She says she prays before each session, and believes that God is leading her. *shudder*.

I told my husband after I became a Christian, that if the internet had been around back before, when I was still pagan/wiccan...I'd most likely had been rich. I can still 'read people'...but it's really like the lead character on 'Lie to Me' or 'The Mentalist' meets parlor tricks. Even without the added 'help' from the 'unseen', I could still fake my way into making money with 'readings' why don't I? We could sure use the money!! Because I know I'd be venturing into dangerous territory!! It would be like walking in the most dangerous part of town wearing a money suit...flashing diamonds and what not! Just ASKING, nay, begging for a 'mugging'. But it would be more like leaving your front door open at night, with the lights on, and all your expensive 'stuff' right there for all to see. Trouble is, 'they' don't just come in to 'take'...'they' set up residence...and you will have one heck of a time 'evicting' them.

Since I have not watched/read everything about this 'remote viewing', can someone explain to me what it is he's doing/done? Or does he even get into it? If it's something like relaxing, emptying your mind, then 'seeing yourself move forward in time/place'...and noting what you 'see' sounds like a cross between astral projection and out of body travel. With 'time travel' as part of it. again...major *SHUDDER*!!! NOT to be 'messed with'.

If we are just looking at it from a reference point of view, it's very possible he's right about stuff. Satan can plant info, he loves to be 'right' and make people think 'they' did it. That's how he hooks people. Makes them feel important. Special.

Okay, enough rambling. Time to put on my 'Tens Unit' and pray this neck behaves itself. I have two long car trips coming up in just over a week. Must feel better!!