Suzi (9 July 2011)
"to Edwina"

That's funny that you mentioned being a 'detective'...I've felt the same way. My whole life I was 'searching for the truth'. When I was initiated into a coven at 23, the High Priestess told me, 'some day little Suzi, you will know the Truth'. I've often wondered what she would say now, if I told her how right she was, and how 'off' she was!! lol. I became a Christian at 26, and thought my 'search' was over. It's like the joke, 'you always find your keys in the last place you look'...and as comedian David Brenner used to say, 'of course you find your keys in the LAST PLACE you look...who FINDS their keys, then keeps looking for them?'.
Since '08, I've felt a lot like my old 'detective' self. I've been digging deeper, looking at things and watching. I've wrestled with old info that I 'found' in my pre-Christian days, afraid that it might be 'tainted'...but then finding that it was actually Biblical. The fact is, the enemy can not 'create' so he mimics, 'borrows', perverts, alters and in all ways uses what God has made and tries to claim credit for it. Also, I've come to realize that early people KNEW the truth, but some how, 'lost it', as they moved around the world. It's no wonder that nearly all ancient people groups have a 'flood' story, with sometimes outlandish 'reason' and ways behind the story...but the 'flood' itself is a FACT. I love that science now can not deny what the Bible has said about where life began...with ONE WOMAN in Africa.

We've come to a point in our 'evolution' (and I mean that as our accumulation of knowledge), that we learning/finding/figuring out more and more of what God has done and will do for us. Someday, we'll 'see face to face', but for now, it's 'through a glass darkly'.

Until then, we can keep being 'Mulder', knowing the 'Truth is out there', or 'Sherlock Holmes' who can take the smallest clue and come to the conclusion of the tale. We do have an advantage, we know the end of the story, we're just biding our time, playing a sort of puzzle game knowing that we're 'onto something' and only knowing 100% just how right we are when it passes. I think it's so those around us can see that, yes, 'The Bible DOES 'tell you so'".