Suzi (9 July 2011)
"to John RP re: elenin/planets/earthquakes"

I agree that there is probably more at play here than JUST the alignments, but it sure is curious how the 'biggies' have landed on dates that we've been 'in line' with 'elenin'. I told my daughter that it would be just like 'them' to issue that diagram with the path it's been taking, then when 'they' zap us with HAARP, no one will be the wiser!

I am wondering just what might go down on Sept. 25th though. The alignment, and the timing is just too spooky. (Yes, my daughter and I have been watching old X-files eps!).

I heard something the other day about the 'pole shift'. The guy said that when we had the Japan earthquake, even the MSM made mention of it knocking the earth off it's axis by a certain amount. But the guy on the radio show said, 'Earthquakes don't cause a pole shift...a pole shift causes earthquakes!'. hmmmmm...

If all the ancient writings have any basis in fact, and if we look at different events in the Bible that historically/time wise line up with those ancient teachings, we are 'due' for something 'major' to go down. As I've said many times, during my 'searching' years, I came to the year 2011 as the year that 'something big' happens. I've pushed that aside since becoming a Christian, since I got my 'info' from reading/studying other texts/teachings from nonChristian sources. But, since the 'light switch' clicked on for me back in '08....I'm beginning to wonder.

I guess the best thing I can say is, I will not be surprised if something 'big' happens on Sept. 11th, Sept. 25th, and then around Nov. 3rd. We have an alignment, a major event of Elenin being exactly between us and the sun, and then we'll be traveling through the debris field of Elenin. Keep watching!!