Suzi (6 July 2011)

I have never believed that just recently, someone named 'Leonid Elenin' 'discovered' this 'comet'. It just sounds fake, contrived, and too obviously a play on names/words.

When you see the Leonid Meteor showers, they radiate from the constellation "Leo".

Tonight, while listening to the recorded call in radio show posted, the caller (who mostly sounded a little 'out there'), did hit on a few things that made sense and are in line with things that have happened, or seem to be happening. One thing he said that caught my attention. When asked if Comet Elenin was the Red Planet known as Nibiru, he simply said, "Elenin: Extinction Level Event Nibiru Is Near".

I'd figured that "ELE" stood for 'extinction level event'...the last part was a 'doh!' moment. huh.

It sure sounds like the major events listed in the Bible fit right in with the coming of this heavenly body. As crazy as it sounds when you hear it from a call in radio listener, it's actually right on track with that we KNOW is going to's just that it's not 'someday' in some undefined, distant's NOW...any day, in the coming months/years. A major pole shift would most certainly cause/be the worldwide earthquake that would happen as the rapture takes place. Not long to wait folks!