Suzi (4 July 2011)
"to Fay Re: Growing Weirdness"

I agree that things are getting really weird. I make a joke that every day I visit sites that deal with my "3 Cs", 'conservative', 'Christian' & 'conspiracy'...but lately I've changed it to "4 Cs"...adding "CRAZY" to that mix!!
Usually, the 'categories' can be a mix...but lately, even the Christian themes would have sounded 'crazy' just a couple years ago.
It's not just news and such I get online though. My husband is the Coroner of our County. He's a Sgt. w/ our County Sheriff's Dept. too, having worked homicide and pretty much every other division since he started there at age 19 over 30 years ago. His is a one man office, so, on weekends, he's likely to get called out. Our County (like most the Country) is 'tightening their belt', so he was told to go easy on the overtime. Well, tell that to some of the really scary/insane things that have been going on lately. Most people think that he deal with every single death in the area...that's not true. A person who is sick in the hospital and dies, does not go through my husband's dept...unless someone thinks that maybe foul play or medical malpractice is involved. But every death that is suspicious and even car accidents go through him, since he's basically the 'cop' who gathers the evidence with the help of a medical doctor.
Lately, he's been getting called out in the middle of the night, on every weekend...with really crazy stuff! I won't go into detail, but just the last week he's had some odd and morbid stuff.
So, I agree, this world is going a little loony, and I can't see it getting much worse before we are taken out of it!