Suzi (11 July 2011)
"To Alan Clark re: History of gov't/ufo stuff"

My daughter and I have been watching old episodes of The X-files, and I often wonder how Chris Carter got away with some of the stuff he did. Not only was the whole show based around our government lying to us (the public), but how it kept secrets from each other...within organizations, departments, and 'covert operations'. The idea of 'believe the lie' and planting false info (false flags) to hide the truth in plain sight.

I remember the spin off show, "The Lone Gunmen" was suspect when they had an episode about terrorist flying a plane into the Twin Towers. It was hinted at in the blog-o-sphere that Chris Carter was a government 'plant' set up in Hollywood to do just what his show hinted at, feed us false info. huh.

There was a movie that I've been thinking about a lot lately, called 'Wag the Dog'...dealing with how our government will created 'crises' to hide true events. We do see that all the time. Something major goes down, and suddenly Lindsey Lohan is on every news channel, while the 'real news' if forgotten. My son was a missionary, and once, when in was in either Mexico or Guatemala, something major happened in the world, and he called home and asked what the news was saying about it. I searched all the news sources I could find...nothing! He said that everyone was saying NOT to trust our news (this was YEARS ago). Now, he gets his info from other country's news outlets. He has a shortwave radio and listens to broadcasts from all over he world.
How frightening is it that 'the truth is out there'...and most times, it is being kept from us, by our own?