Suzi (11 July 2011)
"To David Robinson Re: Amateur Astronomer's & Elenin"

I read your letter, and followed the links. It was a lot of reading, and some science stuff that was just way over my head. They repeatedly called the stories going around the internet as 'rubbish' and basically made it sound like they were the experts (albeit 'amateurs'). I'm wondering (and it may have been there somewhere and I over looked it), if they agree with the location(s) that NASA has put out on the orbit/path of elenin? If they do agree, then, I wonder what they think of the fact that each time this little harmless 'disappointing' comet aligns with the sun and/or earth and other planets we get some major earthquake activity?
They ask, 'where are these people getting their information?'....the answer is, NASA, the supposed 'experts', as opposed to 'amateurs'. Anyone who looks at the little graph and runs the info forward and backward in time can see that, yes, line up elenin with any of the planets and the sun, and BAM! Major seismic activity occurs! Is that just coincidence? Yes, we can also have those type events at other times, but it is a curiosity that the biggest, most newsworthy events happen in conjunction with the place/timing of ELEnin. If they don't see the correlation and the reason why people (who question the government on everything) are suspect when people (like these amateurs and our own 'experts') repeatedly tell us 'it's no big deal'. I think the Japanese, those in Chile, and NZ might IS a big deal. Now, if the alignments of ELEnin is not in play, then what is? My own conspiracy? "They" put out that graph to hide the workings of HAARP...we see an inbound celestial body, lining up w/ other 'normal' bodies, and we get earth-shattering effects...the average person would put two and two together and think there is some connection, right? If not, then what? Anyone who has heard of HAARP, has seen the reports when it was new, when they didn't hide what it could do (create images projected in the air, cause earthquakes, make Tesla's 'deathray' as a weapon, 'make' weather happen at will, and a myriad of other things)...we remember the seemingly 'science fiction' attributes they claimed over this project. Now? It's all hush hush....they want us to think it's just another Area 51 'urban legend'. Yet they still have the facility up in Alaska, plus some in Russia, and many at the South Pole. huh.
Another thing I wonder, is this, if our scientists are smart enough to put men into space back in the infancy of computers and such, couldn't they, now, with all the advances they've made, be able to tell that we are indeed in the process of a 'pole shift'? Be it a natural cyclic thing like the weather, or the result of a long orbital entity such as elenin, wouldn't they, shouldn't they know? And just like ALL the disaster movies out there...wouldn't they know they'd have no way to 'save', for the betterment of society, they'd make secret contingency plans for the elite, the rich, the powerful, the movers and shakers the 'important' people of the planet to survive?
Why was I not able to get my simple 30 day supply of MRE's at Christmas when I ordered them 2 months in advance? From a place that got me my previous order in about a week? And why did they send me a letter explaining to me that the government had 'bought them out'? Why is our government buying up MREs to the tune of $6 BILLION? When in the past, they'd keep a ready stash of about 7 million for things like Hurricane Katrina, but now? They've requested enough MREs for 7 million people for up to 21 days!! What do they expect to be happening in the very near future that will require that many meals? Whereas the aforementioned MREs were meant for their rescue people and the people they rescued...who are these meant for? Remember, Bill Gates thinks the ideal number of people on Earth should be brought down to only 10% of what is here now!! Yes, he thinks we need to drop our population by 90%!! One way is by vaccines, btw. *remind me NOT to take any shots that HE recommends!!!*.

Anyway, I'm not saying that these people are trying to hide any truths, I just think that they are unaware of some of the things that Americans are finding out on their own. We're a resourceful lot. People hear and see things, and pass them on. It's a survival thing. Sometimes the info is faulty....and no, I'm not running off to the Ozarks with Terrel03 (I've been in some caves in MO, and they'd be a perfect water collector, not somewhere I'd want to be if flooding were to take place!!).

As a Christian, I'm hoping when things get REALLY bad, I'm 'snatched away'...but I also know that we WILL see 'tribulations'...but we will not experience the 'wrath of God'. *whew*

Maybe I should ask my questions to this website do they feel about the 'alignments' that match up with major quake activity, especially the ones that come ever 188 days apart. hmmm?