Suzi (11 July 2011)
"Odd how my unspoken ideas/actions coincide w/ daughter's dreams..."

Yesterday, I started puttering around with my 'keepsakes'. I started putting stuff into boxes, for 'safe keeping'. Things that I felt I didn't want damaged. I felt the urge to consolidate my 'junk' and make it easier to get to the important stuff 'in an emergency'. I've been stocking up on supplies, little by little since '08. I have MREs that the kids have used on camping trips, that we've taken on vacation and eaten in hotels when it's cheaper than eating out. I have most first aid stuff in two cabinets in the bathroom. All my meds are in a cupboard in the kitchen, and I was thinking, 'maybe I should have Jessi built me a 'cabinet box' that attaches to a wall, that can just be closed/locked' and grabbed off the wall to take in a hurry'. She was out building a large bookcase/DVD wall unit for her apartment...and I never mentioned to her my feeling that we needed to be 'ready to run'.
I've seen all the different videos of the aftermath of different catastrophic events. One thing that I've noticed is, the people could not get into their homes to retrieve what good does having the 'stuff' if you can't get to it?
These thoughts were in my head. I'd seen the new '' commercials about 'when your world turns upside down' and the need to have a 'bug out bag'....this not from some fringe conspiracy group, but our own government...and how odd that it shows a family floating and their house literally turning upside down, (pole shift anyone?).
Well, this morning Jessi tells me, 'I had a dream there was lava coming out of the ground in the backyard'. She's 23. She told me the dream.
She said, 'there was lava bubbling up from the ground (we are on 1/2 an acre), and it was coming toward the house, it had already burned part of the back of the house, and we were trying to get our stuff out, as fast as we could. There was a little bird, sort of like a canary that was afraid, and I caught it and put it in my right pocket of my hoodie, then another scared bird tried to get into my clothes, so I put it in my left pocket, and they were snuggling into her pocket, feeling safe. She said she realized that w/ part of our house 'open' due to the fire damage, all our pets could run to safety, but her two indoor only cats out in the detached studio apartment would be trapped. So she went in to get them into their carrier. When she did, the bird in the left pocket flew out, and her oldest cat grabbed it and ate it. She was upset, but put him and his younger companion cat into the cat carrier, while the other bird was still safe in her right pocket. She said, then the dream changed, like a video game (she loves the 'shooting games', since her dad is a cop and she's always liked guns). She said my husband had come home, and his face was partially burned from the same 'lava' obviously in other parts of town. He started helping us get stuff to leave. He'd also brought us all guns. Just then, armed 'soldiers' came into the house and ordered us out. At first we hesitated, still gathering stuff, and they shot her and she died. But the dream had the 'video game feel' to it, so it 'reset' to 'continue', and this time, when we were ordered out, we left without incident...she said there were troops of them out in the street, going door to door. I suggested, 'martial law', and she said, 'yeah, that's how it was'. She said that she also got burned in the fire, but it didn't hurt. She remembered being sad about the bird, and upset that her cat had killed it, but it was acting on instinct. I noted that it was the bird out of the left pocket...the 'sinister' side. I feel the dream is very symbolic, but not necessarily prophetic. I am always amazed that she has dreams that reflect feelings I am if they are the kind of dreams I should be having after a day of thoughts over problems. I've not been able to remember my dreams lately, and if I do, it's just feelings of the 'gist' of the dreams. It's like she is having my dreams for me.
I know that dreams are our brain's way of working out the problems of the day. Things that are bothering us will play out in our sleep...but I had not shared my feelings of 'getting ready to run'. Yet SHE had a dream consistent with that type of 'awake thinking'. huh.

I am going to get some of the kid's old school backpacks and load them up with basics. Yes, I am going to make 'bug out kits'. Even if they are never used, I think SHE will sleep better!