Suzi (11 July 2011)
"oohhh..more ponderings on Zombies. (read after my other Zombie thing)"

Maybe I should be resting like the doc told me to, but I got restless and started washing dishes...and my mind started wandering. I was thinking about the idea of zombies. *didn't help that hubby was watching a movie with that theme in the other room*.

I outlined my daughter's thoughts on the 'why' of our own government setting 'Zombie contingency plans' in order, and the 'how' of it being necessary 'someday'.

Well, I had a bit of a light bulb flicker! The AC is supposed to proclaim himself as "God", right? I mean, the whole idea behind this is from the very beginning, when Satan wanted to 'be' God...I mean, he's lied to 'us' from the beginning, even going to far as to call God a liar, and accuse Him of keeping 'truth' from us. Satan can not create, so he takes what God makes/does and tries to copy it, tries to mimic it. Most times, it comes off as a total opposite. It's always like a bad copy....never as good as the original. Sometimes he can do a pretty good job of things, at least on the surface...but it's always a trick or a perversion, or a sick twist on what God has created or wants done.

We know that when Moses approached Pharaoh, he was able to do mighty things, by God's command...then Pharaoh's 'magicians' were able to so similar 'tricks'. So, that got me to thinking...

Since we know that God has given us everlasting life through Jesus. And we know that Jesus raised people from the Dead. Wouldn't it be just like Satan, without the hindrance of the Holy Spirit here, after the Rapture to do some 'tricks' of his own? If he 'brings back from the dead' a person who died without the Lord as his Savior, what would that person be? I'm thinkin' "zombie"...walking dead. *shudder*

I think I need to rest. I let my imagination run away with me when I do mundane tasks. Still, can someone please tell me why government agencies have "Zombie Contingency Plans"?