Suzi (11 July 2011)
"Trends in movies/used to warn?"

We've all discussed or seen discussed the way Hollywood (ie: leftist elite NWO illumanati power players) seem to delight in foreshadowing...not just within a movie, but in real life. We've seen things on the screen that eerily play out in real life sometime down the road.

Now, we could say that 'they' want us to know what 'they' are planning, and like to give us a 'sneak peek'...I guess so we can all tremble at their ever present overreaching power...or, as I've said before, they 'have to' do it, in order for the 'magic' to work. One school of thought in the occult world is having your 'victim' aware of your goal, to 'make it so' (ie: a voodoo doll).

My daughter (23yrs. old) and I were watching some videos on Youtube that deal with all the crazy stuff going on in the world. We found one that spotlighted all the 2012 prophesy stuff, and noted that 'end of the world as we know it' was a running theme starting about 20 years ago. She also noted that 'Zombies' are the 'latest thing'. We then started talking about the fact that governments have actually enacted 'zombie contingency plans'. These are not a joke. She very seriously looked at me and said, 'no, they aren't'. I mention, 'well, it's probably because they plan on releasing some bioweapon that would play out like the Resident Evil movies'...but she had a much more sinister idea that I'd never heard nor thought of.

Keep in mind that this is the same kid who had the dream of a 'second sun', coming closer and closer to the earth, while we stood on our porch watching it, during a sort of time lapse sequence, knowing we were going to die from it.

Her idea about the 'zombies'? She said that when the Rapture happens, the Holy Spirit will be gone, leaving NOTHING to stop satan from doing as he pleases. He will have full run of the planet. She opined, that if satan could embody people, animals and even inanimate objects (ie Poltergeist activity)...what would stop him from inhabiting and using for evil DEAD BODIES??? *shudder* Yeah, this kid needs to get down to LA and enroll in film school, make this movie and help me and hubby retire! Isn't that a scary, and totally plausible idea? If a person dies, and is not part of the Body of Christ (remember, when 'we' go in the Rapture, our BODIES go too!), then, isn't it fair game to be used by the evil one?

She went on to say, 'think about it, 20 years ago, they started making movies that talked about Elenin, (Deep Impact), we've seen a huge uptick in sudden destruction, Extinction Level Events movies in just the last few years. Some have alot to do with man made disasters (the 'greenie' lesson movies), others are more on target with 'that's just how it plays out' (as in reality, that the stars in the sky are on a clockwork timeline)....and then some have 'alien' influence. Sadly, we don't see movies that deal with Biblical truth, unless you count the "Left Behind" movies, of which too many people quibble over the accuracy.

But now, we see more and more Zombie movies. Zombies that just start up for no good reason, those who come alive because of some radiation event, solar event, or more commonly, from the result of mankind making either a 'cure' that goes haywire (the Resident Evil movies), or a bio-weapon that gets loose.

If Hollywood is 'run by those in power', then they are dealing with a 'dark power'. Just like the sick little kid who giggles as you figure out what he's done wrong....they want to get 'caught'! Or they 'need' to, in order for the 'spell' to work. Whatever it is, even down to those who are picking up 'info' from 'beyond' and are not even aware of it! (I believe that we all, from the beginning, had the ability to 'commune with God' in a way that we can only describe as 'telecommunication'). I think that when we lost the Garden, we 'lost' that connection. God did not 'change us', so our brains are still 'wired' for it. That's how He can communicate with us today. BUT, unfortunately, just like the punk kids who used to get on the CB radios with their walkie talkies and cause trouble, I think that 'dark forces' can also 'transmit' to us, and some of us, for whatever reason, are better at 'receiving'...I used to be. Satan used that against me, and I've been very reluctant to develop the 'gift', since I know that for the first half of my life, it was misused!

But, let's just imagine that there is a really 'good guy' in Hollywood. He's not Born Again. He's not a bad man, just an unsaved one. He's got money, power, all earned from his hard work. Wouldn't he be the perfect vehicle for Satan to latch onto and use? So, if it's not a concerted effort on the enemy working through these people who've consciously turned to the 'power' they think is going to help them, it could very well be the 'inspiration' of talented people who don't know the Lord. One way or another, 'they' seem to be getting REAL messages out there. Is it Life imitating Art or the other way around. Why on earth would governments make a 'Zombie Contingency Plan' anyway? Seriously!!?? That just seems like a joke, a waste of tax payer money...or a threat that it WILL in some way, be needed!!

I hope my daughter is right, and it's something that will/could go down once we are outta here!!