Susan B (21 July 2011)
"Grace - Re Dr Owuor"

Hi Grace and all,
Dr Owuor states he saw what the rapture would look like.  When it happened it was during one of his revival meetings but at no time does he actually say or emphatically state that the rapture will happen during one of his meetings.  It was simply that he was shown what it would look like - with people ascending to Heaven and some others who were struggling to make it (not true Christians perhaps or lukewarm - who knows?).
I think Dr Owuor is an excellent preacher and certainly many of his prophecies have come to pass -  but we should not get our hopes up that the rapture will happen during one of his revival meetings  - yes he was given a vision of what it will look like - but that does not mean it will happen on one of those dates.  This is my interpretation and I do not think he would want to mislead anybody.
ysiC, Susan.