Susan B (1 July 2011)
"To David Anderson"

Dear Brother in Christ, David,
It is apparent to me that you are full of the Holy Spirit as you are so convicted of even a small sin like anger against the Pastor who wouldn't accept your things.  Please do not feel you need to ask our forgiveness  - there is only one who can and should forgive and that of course is our Lord Jesus Christ.
Also - I can assure you that not all women are like the woman you described.  Why - I would give the world for a Christian man in my life no matter if he were rich or poor - it would not matter - what matters is both having a true love of the Lord and being in fellowship together.
I would have been a little "ticked off" also at the rejection of brand new shirts etc.  Some people nowadays just do not know how to receive gracefully - or had he not been able to put these things to use he could have given them to somebody poor and in need.  So don't blame yourself for experiencing a moment of anger - a completely normal human emotion.
Yes - daily the world grows more cold and it is harder to find fellow Christians who are watching for our most blessed hope.  Were it not for the doves are Rapture in the Air Now websites I would go nutty with nobody to talk to about these wondrous events.
You would not be spirit filled if you had not been immediately convicted and repented of your small lapse.
You are loved!!
your sister in Christ,
Susan in Aussie Land.