Steve Mullin (9 July 2011)
"Bible Codes and Space Shuttle Atlantis"

Given the dreams and visions about the rapture and the shuttle, was wondering if anyone has the Bible code software or if anyone knows someone who is experienced in researching codes? I did a web search but couldn't find anything. If it is true, just as many other major events in history are encoded, I wouldn't be surprised to see terms like rapture, 2011 or Jewish year equivalent, July or Jewish month equivalent, space shuttle atlantis, etc. How people cast off the idea of the Bible Codes when there were 14 separate terms about WWII encoded in a small area is beyond me. Many, many others as well. Statistically astronomically impossible to be an accident.
I've had a lot of dreams about tidal waves and water covering land where no one thought it would. I am astonished both during the dream and when I wake--things I didn't think were possible. When I first started studying the end times and the rapture, I thought that the open door in Revelation 4:1 had to happen first and then the seals would be opened. I can see that it's possible that seals 1-5 have been opened already. The great earthquake of seal 6 could be coming very soon.
Come Lord Jesus!
Steve Mullin