Steve Mullin (29 July 2011)
"Re: Gerry Almond and Susan & Sabrina's Messages"

I too read all of their messages as they do seem to ring true to me. I have also been watching closely from when they've mentioned that it is the final "hour", then down to "last days" then "seconds" and today's message at the tail end of the letter from the girl named Lillian said it is the LAST SECOND. Not plural. That would be awesome if it is so close. Hope to meet everyone soon,
Steve Mullin

I realize I went in an incorrect descending order by saying hour first then days, but in my mind, I think of the final "hour" as in the kings of the earth would be given power for "one hour" with the antichrist meaning anything from 3.5-10 years. That's why days followed hour.