Steve Mullin (19 July 2011)
"Obama's Birth Certificate"

Yet another astoundingly good article by WorldNetDaily was published about the irrefutable proof of Obama's birth certificate being a fraud. The link is here:
Anyone with no predisposition or preconceived opinion on the matter should be able to just read the article and say, "Wow". A man with 50 years of experience reading typeface shreds the document to the point that it would be nearly impossible to argue against. In addition, Obama made another gaffe about his supposed birthdate this week saying that he would be turning 50 this week, when it would have been 3 weeks away. Who in the world is confused about his/her own birthday to the point he is? It's a joke. He also recently gave the wrong age for his daughter in an interview--how or why? In the same way his age changed on his myspace account, I am convinced that it could possibly be his "real" birthday from Kenya. Seems like he tried to get US citizenship from an infant who died at birth in Hawaii, which would explain why his birth certificate number was out of line with what it should have been compared to the Nordyke twins. This is history folks. I believe the Lord is revealing the truth to those who have "ears to hear" about who Obama really is.
Just recently, one of the posters on this site said something to the effect of "Can we now please just get on with things?" after Obama released his supposed long form birth certificate. The media is smitten with Obama and won't address the issue. I still can't believe how Obama made jokes about it at the White House correspondents dinner saying Donald Trump should have more important things to do such as deciding who he should fire between Meatloaf and someone else on the Celebrity Apprentice show instead of attacking him on the birth certificate issue. I just knew he was being dishonest. Satan is the father of lies and Obama is lost. I'd ask that poster to refute this article as well as the approximate 200 other articles on WND that expose the truth about the usurper in office. May we all escape this evil world soon.
I'd also like to thank John for keeping this site up. It's a lot of work and one of the few things I look forward to each day. May you be richly rewarded in the hereafter.
Steve Mullin