Steve Coerper (4 July 2011)
"Killshot - just two weeks from now?"

The Killshot Commercial - Major Ed Dames
Dear John and Doves:
According to the video above, the triggering event will be "when the space shuttle is forced down to the ground," presumably due to a meteor shower.  The subsequent super-heating of the earth's atmosphere calls to mind the plague in Revelation 15:8 though it does not map at all chronologically.  Since the final shuttle mission will last 12 days and is scheduled to end on July 17th, it may be later than we think. 
While it was secretly employed for many years as a military 'combat multiplier,' Remote Viewing ("RV") also demonstrated its effectiveness as a predictive intelligence tool. Major Ed Dames, former head of training and operations for the remote viewing unit, has shown RV to be just as effective as an over-the-time-horizon 'radar.'

A number of forecasts by Ed Dames' team of professional remote viewers have come to pass, exactly as described. In the course of standard operations, however, the team stumbled across a catastrophic event - now dubbed 'The Killshot' - actually a series of powerful, deadly solar flares which will be impacting the Earth in the near future! The effects of Killshot are seen as causing such an extreme amount of destruction and loss of life that a large portion of RV data collection resources has been allocated for study and analysis.  (see - product not available but it's posted on YouTube)

Dames sees a near passby of a planet-sized object, but his timeframe is 2012.  So if he's off six months but correct on the event, OR if NASA enjoys this mission so much that they decide to postpone the retirement of the shuttle and have another "last" mission next year ... well, we can't say we weren't warned.
I'm not a gloom-and-doomer, and I still see a lot of this "evidence" for Elenin/Niburu as highly questionable.  Events of this magnitude would, it seem to me, negate the possibility of fulfillment of many Biblical prophecies.  This is still the age of deception, and it could also be the age of distraction.
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